The Mysterious Case of Janis (otherwise known as Sat-Nav.. who needs one!?)

Thought I’d write up this little story as it not only made me laugh, but once again got me thinking that not everything is explainable! And so its the big day of our latest invo.. few of team have a rough idea where it is, while others were relying on sat-nav. I was to arrive with Karin, Paul and Dave – while Janis had a bit of family business to attend to first, driving in alone a bit after us.

On the drive down to the location I couldn’t help but think Jan was going to have a tough time finding it, round and round we went – down just about every small lane possible. At this stage even the Sat-Nav was struggling! – pointing us in completely the wrong way. But at least she’s got her mobile I thought.. ermm.. wrong! – no signal!

Well eventually thanks to Dave we found the place, unpacked, and started to get our sights focused for the task ahead. Worried that it was getting dark, and that Jan wouldn’t find us I just had to put a little faith in her Island road knowledge.

Meanwhile myself, Karin & Dave made ourselves comfortable – taking our time to unpack and check the equipment. Little did we know that immediately after turning on the K2 for the first time, would it scream into life! What followed was a good few minutes of an unexplained encounter with a form of intelligence. (spirit!?)

I won’t detail too much about it, as you’ll see for yourself via the video – but it certainly had us in high hopes of a good investigation soo early in the investigation.

Back to Janis, who somehow managed to find us.. “so how did you find the place?” I asked, “Spirit Guide” she replied… HUH???

Turns out her guide was actually relaying the directions to her!!! Turn left here, etc..etc! – Who needs a Sat-Nav when you have a friendly spirit guide!? But that’s not the end of the story..

Later on in the evening, Janis started to come up with information – nothing unusual for her you might say, but this time I could tell she wasn’t picking it up the way she usually does. So what was going on!???

As hard as it is to believe (and I do trust the wife!) – the car radio on the journey down was actually spitting out words! Jan said that every so often a totally random word not matching what she was listening too came through.. very clear and loud.. Who needs a ‘ghost box’ when you have a spooky car stereo?

As it turns out those words ended up as parts of valuable information for the investigation, never a dull minute with a Janis about! 😉

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