My Spooky House – 1st October 2013


Living in an old house, you end up being part of its history – since uncovering the fireplace in the living room, we took the bold step of leaving the old Victorian soot and scorch-marks around the opening..

Even the plastered walls sometimes come alive,  containing a huge amount of lime and other bits and pieces from the time period – (depending on the atmosphere,) can actually effect the condition of the walls. Cold and solid one day, moist and soft the next, its just something you learn to live with.

It’s not surprising to know that most old houses have some sort of ghostly resident attached to them, pot luck if you find one that is fine about you ‘sharing’ the house with them. Our own house is no different – there is a certain feeling to it, nothing to be afraid of.. but I do think its got quite a story to tell.

From the ‘shadowman’ I’ve seen twice now downstairs – quite a well built gentleman, with large shoulders – possibily  wearing a suit, to the unexplainable ‘ball’ of energy I’ve witnessed in the bathroom. Forget your orb’s people! I’ve seen the real deal.. huge like a beachball, with a orange pulsing moving surface –it completely lit up the kitchen and then the small hall as it came towards me. Frightened no.. strange VERY!

I believe I’m quite ‘charmed’ when it comes to the ghosties –I’ve always had a connection with spiritual people throughout my life, even as a young child. But that’s not to say I knew who or what these people were about. I think I have some spiritual protectors that pay me a visit from time-to-time, I’m also married to a very gifted spiritual woman.

But getting back to the story… It’s Tuesday night around 3am, I’ve woken to the sound of ‘something’ coming from the house. Listening carefully, I’m trying to work out if its ‘someone’ possibly walking about and moving things – (in which case I need to find the ‘welcoming stick’  under my bed) – or does it sound like one of the kids? Or even the cat.

Strange noise, something’s softly clanking.. doesn’t sound like its moving around – Hmmm.. no cat at the end of the bed – possible! Could it be my teenage daughter once again talking to friends on the internet? Or has she left something on? – wouldn’t be the first time. Wind’s getting up.. perhaps something outside is tapping against the wall somewhere. (hanging basket, tv aerial cable etc)


Better ‘man up’ – find out..  Don’t think its Chloe, but will sneak out just to catch her out.. Opening the bedroom door, I notice a small white flash from the ceiling area above the stairs.. ‘ohh lightening!’ – I surmise.. waiting for a rumble. Second or so later.. it does it again, I peak back into the bedroom.. nope, no sign of a storm.. or for that matter the rumble of thunder,  so its not a reflection through the curtains from outside – nor is it a car from the driveway opposite.

So I’m stood there in the hallway.. trying to work ot where the sound is coming from – just couldn’t work it out, for a minute it sounds like its coming from the roof – not in the loft.. but the ceiling above me. Weird!

I noticed the little ‘springy man’ on the bookcase behind me, its moving –but it’s only doing that because I’m standing on the carpet which its sat ontop of, doesn’t take much to get it moving. Although once it starts to move – it carry’s on going till the motion of the spring is spent, the noise was quite similar to what I was hearing. (although it didn’t bounce about) – think of one of those nodding-dogs you put on dashboards, similar to that.

I checked on Chloe, nope –fast asleep (GOOD JOB CHLOE!) – checked the boy, then the rest of the house. Everything in place.. cat sleeping on my chair AGAIN!. Couldn’t find any answers.. the noise had stopped, so I got back into bed – didn’t hear anything more after that.

Now I’m not saying I’m totally convinced it was a ghostie, I was half asleep at the time.. and maybe just maybe the flash had been my eyes focussing. All –in–all.. Weird.. very weird!

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