Daylight is upon us!

Have you heard of a computer game that goes by the name of Daylight? no? – read on!

Computer games can be a great thing, they don’t have to suck the life out of you.. they can challenge your mind – and sometimes even scare the living &^%* out of you!

This is one of the those games, although its been out on PS and Xbox for quite a while, it has yet to hit PC – in about 2 hours to be exact. But what is it? wellll.. just imagine this..

You’ve found yourself inside a HUGE abandoned hospital, you’ve no idea where you currently are or how your going to get out. The only light you have is from your mobile phone, you fish it out.. turn on the light app we all have – now to find your way out! thing is.. its haunted!

This game has been crafted to affect the senses at every opportunity, small subtle sound effects and clever shadow programming make this your own personal horror film.

They say you need to sit in the dark while playing this, with headphones on – and this weekend I plan to do just that! – I’ll let you know how I get on.. 


For anyone wanting a slice of this nightmare, you can find it on the PC STEAM gaming platform for £11.99..
Let the fun begin!



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