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I’ve recently been talking with a editor for a magazine, one of the questions he asked me was about the brand ‘Myths’ and the ‘Spookythings’ website. It took me quite a while to think it through, however I thought you guys might like to see what I wrote…
The Short answer: its a non profit making website – for Myths and anyone else really that has a gift they’d like to promote. We don’t charge, or try to make money from Myths as its something I enjoy doing.
The long answer: (you did ask!)
Spookythings is the main hub for the Myths team, a place for me to put up our video footage and investigation writeups. Around 10 years ago, myself and wife (Janis) decided to start up a paranormal team of our own that not only focused on the ghost investigation side of things – but also to feature local spooky history, in a fun and entertaining way.
We gathered some friends together with the very basic of equipment, namely a torch and IR video camera – and a pocketful of spare pants. And that was that really.. we evolved.. we learned from our mistakes and embraced what we could from the more experienced people we knew. 
We started to make ‘Myths, Ghosts & Legends’ or ‘Myths’ into our own brand. Over the years we’ve collected together a trustworthy and professional team that has experience in just about all areas, reiki, witchcraft, mediumship.. you name it, they are all part of our close unit. I truly believe that these days we are one of the most respected teams on the southcoast.
Although its always been our intention from the very beginning to stay small and focused, to show the truth and always be honest in our work. The video’s that are shot and edited by me – are put together in such a way to try and convey a story, to show that not everything should be taken as paranormal, and that you can be professional but have an enjoyable time doing it.
I like to push Myths into different directions when I can, over the years we’ve certainly been involved in a lot of projects.
Vintage Bus Museum

Halloween Special at the Vintage Bus Museum

Most Haunted

Behind the scenes on location with the Most Haunted crew


In 2009 we produced a DVD featuring a local hotspot, we gave copies to all the charity shops in the area – telling them to charge whatever they wanted for it. It was never my intention to make any money from it – but to give something back to the people and places that supported us. Eventually a copy of the investigation ended up being shown on SKY TV’s Paranormal channel, really strange feeling watching something you put together with an ASDA commercial in it – a surreal moment!

2009 saw an article I wrote published in Jason Karls book ’21 Century Ghosts’, 2010.. Edinburgh Vaults welcomed the Myths Team to come up and investigate, which we did!
2011 was a big year for us, as we hosted the Isle of Wight GhostFest, working with Ian Lawman and Jason Karl for the weekend. 2012 saw us work with a local radio station, streaming an investigation live on the web with a live radio studio show. (sort of our own Most Haunted – with real ghosts!)
This year we are working with a well known island tourist attraction on a project, and I’m slowly developing ‘Myths TV’ a sort of short livefeed web show for this winter – I cant say too much about it, as I’m still working on it.
Over the years I’ve had various articles published in magazines, which has been rewarding and helps to ‘keep the buzz going’ for myself. 
I’ve been very lucky with Myths, I have a good supportive wife and team behind me that give me all the backing I need. We’ve investigated some amazing locations throughout the UK, but I’d like to think we are only just scratching the surface!

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