The story so far..

Myths TeamIt’s been quite a Season already for us, and its far from being over just yet!

We started the year with 2 big locations, one of which resulted with us working with the IW Steam Railway throughout the year on a longterm project (hopefully an announcement soon) – the other, the spooky Hellfire Caves. Then of course we have the local investigations that go on, which aren’t often reported by us.. its all go!

After taking a little break during July to catchup with ourselves – and a rebrand to ‘Myths Investigations’ – followed by a launch of our new Facebook Fan Page – you can see it never stops.

But now.. August – we are back in the field.. well.. ok.. not a field as such.. spooky places! – We’ve got a whole host of new locations ready and waiting for us, including some big investigations that are sure to test us.

Many thanks for the inquiries into the ‘Open Invo’ – unfortunately its now completely filled up.. even though I never got as far as putting the full advert details out! With that in mind – we will be opening our doors again very soon, keep your eyes peeled for info on that soon.

Can witches melt in sunlight? – think Janis is putting that theory to the test at the moment, shouldn’t moan though – its not often we get extended good weather like this, perfect weather for late night walks and testing out the stone-tape theory. (recordings in time) – As for myself – I’m hoping to update the website very soon with some new articles and stories.

I’m trying my hardest to get Myth’s a huge blowout investigation for the end of the season, going to cost a lot of money to hire – but ohhh yeahhh – it will be worth it! .. Right.. time to stop writing.. and start melting again – stay safe everyone! – Paul. 😉

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