Godshill Spooky Walkabout

1265757_10151982321545809_2095966791_oFor some time now we’ve being playing with the idea of doing a public investigation, but in a certain way.. to demonstrate what we do (Investigating) – in a safe and fun way. Sooo.. one dark and soggy night the team set out to the very spooky village of Godshill with a selection of lovely people from our Facebook group page.

Why Godshill? being a very old village – and a hub of witchcraft covens – the whole area can pulse with energy once the sun goes down. It’s a place that Janis feels drawn too and quite at peace.

So, where do we start? in the middle of a field! – Yeap, Jan has us heading out to a field. Why? she’s always been drawn to it, but never really gone to investigate. With us all standing in the middle of this field.. Jan goes into detail about the different equipment we use and how to get the best results from it.

861324_10151982322165809_1613079945_oI think it was at this point, that our ‘guests’, really did wonder what they got themselves into! – I wont even go into detail about the handholding! (We do this at the beginning of an invo to focus our energies and form a protection for those that work with us) – already the team and friends are reporting being tapped or touched.. Shari notices a dark shadow behind Jan.. could it be that already we’ve stumbled onto a dark energy? ohhh this is going to be fun!

Time for us to spread out and see where we end up.. almost immediately Shari, Jan & Karin make a bee-line for the trees at the bottom of the field. Apparently there’s a strong energy hiding away from us. Intermittent spikes start to effect the mel meter, at one stage Neil reports over 4 mg’s.. (the base reading being around 0.4)

Steve and John try a bit of ‘old-school techniques’ by using a pendant, questions start to form answers..  we have the angry spirit of a man that apparently had accidentally killed his daughter! – movement is sensed in the bushes around the group, with Lois darting off into the unknown undergrowth – Brave Lady!

1270616_10151982325195809_202128934_oTime for us to change locations, up the hill to the village church.. once again Jan came to complete stop at the entrance, as always.. the resident spirits did not like ‘a pagan’ on their hallowed ground. After a bit of beg and barter from Joshua (her guide) – Jan was given the ‘all-clear’  to walk the grounds. She could clearly make out 2 spirits stood amongst the gravestones, watching her.. ‘Gate-Keepers’ she says.. who’s function is to keep a watchful eye on the grounds.

It was at this point that myself and Jan began to theorize on the church.. why in a village that was ‘allegedly’ the heart of witchcraft on the Island – would such a large church be built on the top of a hill.

Could it be that the churchfolk did indeed know what was going on in the village, and placed it to act as a visual warning – that they are watching everything!

1264673_10151982326530809_1216580436_oTime to move on.. over to the monument garden -with lights being reported by Carrie and Lois, the rest of the guys focused on the stone monument.

Both Steve and John picked up on a nearby energy, try as we might -we couldn’t get any proof using the equipment. Plan B.. send in Janis!

She did her best to channel, apparently more a residual energy than active. But here was a soldier possibly from WW2 – paying his respects to fallen comrades.

Time to call it a night.. heading back to the cars, we thanked – deep breath – Shari, Louise, Neil, Carrie, Dave, Lois.. and our guys.. Karin, Steve, John, Janis & Paul – although it may only have been a small low-key investigation, it was great fun -and we think.. was enjoyed by all.

Next time.. time to step it up a little!

A strange tale.. Joshua and the Queen!

1093841_10151908251920809_465917224_oYa know when you get those really whacky days when you just cant work out how you managed to get into a situation, and even more-so how to get out of it.. well this is one of those days. This is a true story not just about myself and Jan on a day’s outing – but also that of Joshua! – Jan’s spirit guide. (hopefully he will approve of this.. or else I’m pretty stuffed in later life!)

Since Jan started to focus on her Spiritual side about 5 years ago now – she has flourish into quite a gifted woman. She has dug deep into past and come to realize that her long forgotten past is at last catching up with her. She’s become a Pagan, (a wiccan to be exact!) – welcoming the seasons, and doing all the usual witchey things you’d expect someone who’s connected to the earth to do.

But this is about Joshua, her guide – a spirit person who connects with her when she’s working with the paranormal. It’s a guide that can not only keep her safe from unwanted dark energies, but also pass on information from the other realm. Infact there’s been a few times when Joshua has stepped in – during the working day, to warn or notify her of something important.

1102662_10151908255110809_94585333_oNow I respect her guide, I trust his judgement to keep not only Jan safe but me –  I occasionally have a laugh at his expense.. and I’ve been told so does he at mine – and sometimes we both go at it, with Janis getting both barrels. Quite funny to hear her telling us both off at the same time! So Joshua.. what can I tell you about him? well really that’s for Jan and him to discuss what should be said – but I can tell the basics that I know..

He’s a Droid – (Hang on.. got that wrong, that’s Star Wars!) – Druid.. he’s a druid, wears a large white gown with matching hood, he’s  in his late 20’s/30’s – and apparently good looking! (Isn’t she the lucky one!) – thankfully he also has a good sense of humor too, something he really needs putting up with me, Jan and the kids!

And so it was on one bright sunny day that Jan and myself thought we’d go for a cream tea, somewhere special it being our wedding anniversary.. Osborne House, home to Queen Victoria to be exact. Walking up to the entrance of the house, Jan remarks that Joshua is walking with us..  So two has now become three! – (just glad I didnt have to buy an extra ticket) – She tells me he’s proud of my decision to visit the house, and is very excited. He’s wearing his very best gown out of respect – and although he’s a spirit guide, its a place he’s never visited before.

1116033_10151907732280809_722675638_oNow when this happens during investigations, he’s usually about – does what he needs to, then he’s gone, but this time Jan tells me he’s going to be with us for the day. It’s at this point I’m trying very hard to understand just whats going on here, has Jan finally flipped – or do we actually have a spirit guide walking with us!?

As you can guess, every few minutes throughout the day – I’m asking Jan where he is? what’s he doing?? – apparently he spent most of the day looking at the pictures hung on the walls, while I was trying to find the Queens toilets! (seriously.. you wont find them!) Midday, the lovely clock-tower chimed out, time to have our cream-tea. Sitting down with a plate of seriously lovely looking sandwiches (salmon) – and a choice of yummy looking cakes, I asked if he was still with us. ‘ He’s upstairs in the old private halls ‘ replied Jan – ‘ he wants to know more about the little girl ‘

Apparently Joshua had not only found the spirit of a little girl roaming the upstairs corridors, but also one of the Queens butlers. Strangely enough, although Joshua was off doing his own ghost investigation – Janis wasn’t picking up on anything at all, that was until we entered the private stateroom.. immediately her body reacted to a very powerful energy-force.

1146250_494542053965015_1782677376_oShe was starting to come out in huge goosebumps all over, the sweat starting to pour off her. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked.. ‘It’s here – the energies in this room are very very strong’ – we later learned that this was the room the body of Victoria was placed in state for 10 days of mourning after she died before being moved to Westminster.

They try to cover it up now, with a table setpiece – many years ago a plaque was set into the floor, marked the very spot she lay.

Eventually we moved on out of the room, and just like that the energy dissipated. No longer was Jan looking like she’s just had a dip in arctic seas. With Joshua returning to us, and finally saying his goodbyes – myself and Jan enjoyed the rest of the house and the gardens. It’s a beautiful building, even more-so now a lot more rooms have been opened to the public, if you get the chance it really is worth a visit. And maybe.. just maybe you might catch a glimpse of the little girl!

Your names not down.. Your not coming in! (if your called Janis)

Calborne ChurchSo there we were, enjoying Calbourne Water Mill – when I decided that I’d like to take a look at another local attraction ‘Winkle Street’, if you’ve seen a picture of it on a postcard – you’ll know what to expect. It’s suppose to the the prettiest and oldest street/lane on the Isle of Wight. The land actually dates back to 826 CE, yeap I’ve no idea what ‘CE’ means either.. but there ya go.

Anyway.. the local church looked a lovely place to visit, open to the public – with its doors wide open. Such a pretty building, even the graveyard had a pleasant look about it. Tall grass with wild flowers mixed throughout, and butterfly’s flitting amongst the gravestones. Janis noticed a very old looking barn in the field next door to the graveyard which she felt drawn to.

‘Ok.. so lets have a look at the barn, then a wonder into the church’, I replied. I noticed she was very hesitant coming into the churchyard through the gates, and sort of scooted around the main building. What are you doing!? – ‘I’m not allowed in the church.. they wont let me!’

Rightttt.. so we carry on through the graveyard, up to the back wall – and take in whats left of the barn. It was indeed a very old building, surprising really that its still standing. Time for the church.. we made our way back through tall grasses and old headstones to the main entrance.  In I went.. but she wasn’t following.. giving up – I went ahead, taking in the lovely colours and solid construction of the old building. Eventually I made my way back out to Janis, who was still stood at the entrance.

calbourne3Whats going on? – ‘ They wont let me..’ – who? – ‘ The people here’ – errrr ok, care to explain!?

Turns out that we have 6 spirits stood infront of her, 2 blocking her path – and another 4 stood between the main doors of the church. Janis being Wiccan had managed to upset the local ghostly residents!

Through her guide, she was relayed the message that ‘ her kind was not welcome! ‘.. they had allowed her access through the graveyard to checkout the old barn, but under no circumstances was she to enter the church. Her guide calmly told her that she should respect their wishes and beliefs, so she did – and we left.

Think I might try that one the next time I’m railroaded into accompanying her into a girlie clothes shop!

The Big Sound Experiment




One of the greatest assets to a Paranormal Investigator is our own senses, we can feel, hear and sometimes see things that just don’t make any sense.

Our equipment might well be telling us that there’s nothing there – but our senses could be telling us otherwise.


It’s not much different to a trained psychic, who will rely on their senses and third eye during mediumship. But what about us mere mortals?


Can we get a taste of what they feel in a controlled way? Yes! – I believe you can..

We are going to conduct a sound experiment, don’t worry its safe – and certainly not frightening. What you will hear is a specially pre-recorded audio track that I’m hoping will trick your senses into believing in something that is not there.


For this to work..

It’s best to listen to the recording with headphones on, but if its not possible.. you can still experience it via speakers placed each side of you. You need to be in a quiet environment.. the track may only last a few minutes, but you will need to concentrate.. and lastly..

Blindfolded! – no I kid you not.. this works soo much better if we can block your eyesight, forcing your other senses to be heightened. Failing that.. CLOSE YOUR EYES – but I guarantee your eyes will be flicking open during it!

So, done that? Ready? – slip on those headphones.. relax.. turn up the volume.. press play on the control below.. and enjoy quite an unusual experience! (AND DON’T FORGET THE BLINDFOLD!)

Be good if you could leave some feedback either here on the site (you must be logged on) – or via the FB group, just so we can gauge your reactions. ENJOY!

The Mysterious Case of Janis (otherwise known as Sat-Nav.. who needs one!?)

Thought I’d write up this little story as it not only made me laugh, but once again got me thinking that not everything is explainable! And so its the big day of our latest invo.. few of team have a rough idea where it is, while others were relying on sat-nav. I was to arrive with Karin, Paul and Dave – while Janis had a bit of family business to attend to first, driving in alone a bit after us.

On the drive down to the location I couldn’t help but think Jan was going to have a tough time finding it, round and round we went – down just about every small lane possible. At this stage even the Sat-Nav was struggling! – pointing us in completely the wrong way. But at least she’s got her mobile I thought.. ermm.. wrong! – no signal!

Well eventually thanks to Dave we found the place, unpacked, and started to get our sights focused for the task ahead. Worried that it was getting dark, and that Jan wouldn’t find us I just had to put a little faith in her Island road knowledge.

Meanwhile myself, Karin & Dave made ourselves comfortable – taking our time to unpack and check the equipment. Little did we know that immediately after turning on the K2 for the first time, would it scream into life! What followed was a good few minutes of an unexplained encounter with a form of intelligence. (spirit!?)

I won’t detail too much about it, as you’ll see for yourself via the video – but it certainly had us in high hopes of a good investigation soo early in the investigation.

Back to Janis, who somehow managed to find us.. “so how did you find the place?” I asked, “Spirit Guide” she replied… HUH???

Turns out her guide was actually relaying the directions to her!!! Turn left here, etc..etc! – Who needs a Sat-Nav when you have a friendly spirit guide!? But that’s not the end of the story..

Later on in the evening, Janis started to come up with information – nothing unusual for her you might say, but this time I could tell she wasn’t picking it up the way she usually does. So what was going on!???

As hard as it is to believe (and I do trust the wife!) – the car radio on the journey down was actually spitting out words! Jan said that every so often a totally random word not matching what she was listening too came through.. very clear and loud.. Who needs a ‘ghost box’ when you have a spooky car stereo?

As it turns out those words ended up as parts of valuable information for the investigation, never a dull minute with a Janis about! 😉

Gaining Momentum

scratch1JPGMany thanks to you all for the continued support, after a complete site relaunch just a few weeks ago.. we’ve clocked up over 1000 hits THIS MONTH!! – thats in just 2 weeks! We continue to go from strength to strength, with new ideas and projects in the pipeline you can rely on us to give you the very best Island Spooky History and Ghost Investigations.

Fun Friday!

If you HAD to pick one.. what would you choose to be… A) Vampire B) Ghost C) Werewolf (or some-other type of monster)

Aggressive Spirits

Should aggressive spirits be forcibly removed from a property, if they are causing a nuisance to the new owners? Hmmm.. what’s your thoughts!?

Regression Session

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Haunted Objects

Can an object really be “haunted”? – how about a painting that was painted with the blood of the artist mixed into the paints??.. the new owner is reporting frequent activity in his house, but is it really the painting? or just the thought of it playing tricks on his mind??