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Welcome to the ‘Myths’ website The Island’s longest running Spooky History website!

The Island’s Leading Ghost Investigation Team – has been successfully running for over 14 years. We pride ourselves on our intensive study into Paranormal Cases both here  on the Island, and just about everywhere else it may take us!

Our Team consists of seasoned investigators, with many years experience in the field. With yours truly at the helm , we promise to get at the truth and share with you the many dark secrets of the Underworld. There is only one Myth’s – and we are here to stay, so enjoy the ride!


This year we will be focusing more intensely on our popular Ghost Investigations than ever. We plan on really pushing the boundaries, which is what you guys would really like to see from us.

We have a whole host of new experiments planned at some very special locations. To assist us we have been fortunate enough to have been donated some very cutting-edge equipment.

With Halloween fast approaching… why not join the Myths Team for a night of Paranormal Investigating!
Become one of the team for one very special night, as we brave the IW Steam Railway! (Havenstreet)

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We have a Second Website! Introducing ‘Myths Investigations’

Our sister website, featuring a more corporate look into our
Professional Ghost Investigating Activity.

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2019.. a very spooky year!

we hope to have an amazing year ahead, packed full of ghostly encounters and spooky history.

Don’t forget to checkout Jason Karl’s latest book ‘ 21st Century Ghosts’ – you just might find us in there too!


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Myth’s are the only team in the UK to successfully stream LIVE Ghost Investigation’s on the web, simultaneously with a LIVE studio radio show.

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 Our latest video!

‘Manor X’

Featuring our most recent investigation.

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