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vicarGhost Girl of Blackgang Chine – Reported 2008

Just as recently as last week  (August 15th 2008) – The Isle of Wight hit the headlines with a story from the local newspaper, about a possible ghost sighting of a little girl – being caught on film over at Blackgang Chine. It caused quite a stir – Sceptics immediately putting it down, and believers believing it outright, and more often than not ADDING to the story.. Oh Dear!!

So we thought it best that we took a look for ourselves, and see what we thought of it..

We got our hands on the original footage, and put it through a series of tests, that should hopefully shed some light on the ‘Ghost Girl of Blackgang’.

Examining in great detail, the 2 second clip was taken just outside the ‘Crooked House’ attraction, although this section of the park has no records of a ‘little girl skipping’ – as was published by the witness, it is quite close to the ‘Old Church’ attraction – that has over the years caused quite a bit of speculation in itself.

Strange orbs, shadows and shapes have been seen in photographs taken around the vicar. Last summer (2007) we investigated the area for ourselves – but found nothing out of the ordinary, apart from a stained glass window which can cause light reflections under certain conditions.

Anyway… this isn’t about the vicar – its the Crooked House about 30 feet away!

Back to the story…

So what do we have.. its daytime – from what I gather quite overcast, so at least we don’t have to worry about direct light refractions!. Two people in the foreground watch on as ‘something’ walks infront of them. (which in our case is behind the 2 people)

Less than two seconds of very bumpy footage that does indeed seem to have ‘something’ walking along.

gh          gh3          gh6-final

Now the science bit – We took the footage apart one frame at a time, running it in very slow-mo you can see it pass behind the people – which is at last a start… But the camera movements seem to mimic the path of the ghost, there’s a slight upward jump that I can see have made alot of people believe its ‘skipping’ – but I do not believe this, its just too synced with the camera.

Tracing through the first few frames, you can actually see something start to come from the side of the building, now at this stage I could not say if its just a reflection from a piece of glass somewhere.

doubleNow we get to frame 8, the ghostly image is gone for a few frames – but notice the very poor double image.. could this be a factor in our ghost!?

Once our ‘ghost’ reappears, you can at least notice that it is INFRONT of the people – Time for a bit of photo filtering!. Using various filters on the photo, I can take out the colour – leaving just the outline of objects. Tracing around the outline of the woman, you can see at no point does our ghost invade the person’s shape. (See photo above)

This is a good thing, at least its not just reflected ON TOP of our photo layer.

So there we have it – but what do we make of it!?

If it was up to Janis, it would be swept under the carpet and not mentioned again, but as for me..

As I said before, the movement does seem quite matched – not a good sign. And why is it never in focus!?

To be honest, I cant dismiss it completely without a proper investigation. I plan to go back to the site very soon to see if there is any glass in the Crooked House.

To me, its certainly doesn’t look like a little girl. Could this be nothing more than a reflection of the vicar attraction?

Until I’ve had a good look at the angles involved, I just cant say one way or the other.

Could this be nothing more than a reflection of the vicar attraction?

Its probably best you make up your own minds! – Have Fun.

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