St Catherines Lighthouse

jasonorbphotoGhosts at St Catherines Lighthouse

It was a cold, windy night when we first arrived. If the ghosties where about, they would certainly have to hold onto their hats.

We were very lucky with this location, Jason’s family have lived in the cottages for over 20 years. Mr Roberts certainly knew of the surrounding history, and took great pride in the past history of his cottage.

Jason’s family have all experienced strange things happening at the cottage, Jason himself had experienced a full male apparition at the foot of his bed at an early age.

Although the cottage was very warm and inviting, standing there on the doorstep – knowing the house had resident ghosts, we where all feeling just a little bit edgy. Half way through the story Jason disappeared with my camera, he had taken a picture of his old bedroom. (which is now just a spare room)

You can see this picture for yourself.. notice the small orb shaped object on the top left – a lens flare from the glass in the picture frame ? or could it be something else ??

spareroom sparermclose

Jasons Mother went on to explain about other ghostly events that have taken place – ghostly dogs, footsteps, items going missing.. only to return a few weeks later – this house certainly had it all. And it wasn’t just limited to this house, all the cottages where experiencing similar activity.

Plenty of poor souls had lost their lives around the surrounding area, Maybe the spirits where attracted to the friendly lights of the nearby cottages – or perhaps want to seek shelter from the bitter weather outside, just as the living would do !. Mr Roberts went on to tell the story about the frightened lighthouse decorator that had stayed in the very room, that Jason had seen his apparition..

us       workshop   houses

It was about 9.00 PM that we said our goodbyes, and started our little investigation into the past… It was decided that we would take a walk through the surrounding fields, around the cottages – finally ending up at the lighthouse. The fields themselves have seen plenty of bloodshed, a vicious battle was fought here between the French and English. (they moored off of the small bay here to invade the Island) – Human bones can still regularly be found after heavy rain.

Just down from the cottages is a small lane, it was here that Jason’s mother had heard heavy footsteps walk past her – only to return a few minutes later.

Although she could hear the footsteps approch her, there was noone in sight !.

Around the back of one of the cottages is a ‘Croft’, or ‘out building’. No doubt used back in the days of smugglers as a place to hide from the customs men, or a place to stash the booty !.

What makes this place even stranger was that the inside walls where reinforced by the rounded bricks of the original lighthouse. You can actually see the rounded roof !.

It was outside on the grass area leading the lighthouse, that Janis started to smell something. Eventually it became so strong, we could all smell it – but only from that one small area !.

We tried a few tests, EMF meter, measuring for temperature fluctuations etc.. but couldn’t find anything unusual.

Whats even more strange was the fact that it was windy. Theres no way a passing smell, perhaps whipped from the sea – could stay in the one place for more than a few seconds !?.

Our time at St Catherines had been fascinating  although I don’t think we managed to experience anything paranormal at the time – it certainly left us with an understanding of its varied past.


Since our mini investigation at the location, the residents have been reporting frequent paranormal activity within the cottages. Household items have been going missing, only to return ‘ 7 ‘ days later !. As strange as it sounds, they always resurface seven days later ! – Time for a new investigation I think !!.

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