Explosion Museum Investigation

12185508_10207256322462833_6144873435698627987_oIt’s Saturday the 7th of November, rockets and bonfires pollute the air – with a quick ‘ohhhh – ahhhh’ mixed in by the Myths Team for good measure.. and just where are we headed for our final investigation of the year? – ‘Explosion! The Museum of Naval Firepower’ – ohhh this is gonna be fun!

With the whole museum to ourselves, as well as the surrounding derelict naval buildings we are in for quite a treat. To begin the investigation we head off to the furthest building, unlocking the padlocks we take a careful look at our surroundings. Upon entering the spiritual members of the Team (John, Janis & Steve) – immediately pick on a strange energy, something is not right with the place!

Taking base readings with our equipment as we go, we make our way to what they feel is the ‘source’ of the negative energies. Upstairs, in the smallest of rooms – the team tell me this is the location. EMF spikes are starting to form on the Mel Meters, with a flickering of colours on our K2’s.

‘Someone’s opened up a Ouija board session here!’ says Janis. ‘They’ve let a strong energy take over, I can see a man – a dockyard worker, he’s very angry with them.’

‘I’d say the group is middle aged, I can see a woman who’s crying – she’s absolutely shaking with fear, infact I believe she ran out the room. Whatever happened, whatever they did – they can’t control it and just left. I can’t feel an active presence, just an echo of what they set in motion.’

12184170_10207256325782916_9175305376058655188_oWith the little that we could do – the decision was to leave the room, and let the energies hopefully settle down by themselves in time. Onto the second building, a much larger and grander looking building, Steve noticed the strange – almost claw-like dirt prints on one of the window boards, fitting the size of an adult male perfectly, odd is certainly the word for it.

We make our way through the building, Janis with John in the room infront of me. ‘How does it feel here?’ – I ask. ‘It was quiet, but you’ve just brought someone along with you, and they are now prodding me in the back!’ replies Janis.

We settle around the room and start to take in our surroundings, a coldness noted – the temperature certainly feels like it’s dropped since we first entered. (which you’d expect the opposite – the more people in a room, the more warmth is generated)

12184213_10207256332223077_1732895616386874585_oThe K2 flickers into life, with Janis asking out the replies are very brief but add to our story for the evening – we have what we believe a postmaster or deliveryman with us, he’s dropping off mail to the different offices as he goes. With half the team splitting off, Myself, Karin, John, Steve and Marie head to the room we first entered. There on the wall we notice what looks like mailboxes, small wooden boxed shelving – could we be in his sorting office?

As much as we try very little activity takes place over the course of the next half hour, time to rejoin the rest of the team upstairs. Dave our cameraman is convinced he’s just seen a shadow at the bottom of the corridor on the nightvision camera, and twice now – he’s seen something fly into the room. Could we have an orb? or was it just an insect? – hard to tell, even now after the chance to review the footage – I still can’t tell for definite what it was!

Onto the store rooms of the actual museum, well.. this isn’t what we expected – we’ve just walked into a warehouse that contains just about every missile, torpedo, and object that goes ‘Bang!’. Walking around in the dark with nothing more than a torch and the back viewer from the Infrared camcorder, while trying not to fall over an exocet missile sure is fun! – but nothing to report on the ghost investigation front.


We make our way across the main tarmac to main museum, Marie points out that there’s a little spirit girl with us? – why is she here? – this used to be a working munitions store. Asking one of the helpful staff on our way through, they reply that she has been picked up on other investigations too.

In the main hall that contains guns from various naval vessels, I rest my hand on what I believe to be an anti-aircraft gun. My hand is pulsing? I run it over the loading plate.. for some reason I’m picking up a charge – like an electric shock, I really can’t describe this!


Steve who is stood by me can also feel it, so I guess it’s not just a static charge from my shoes, could I be witnessing some sort of playback (residual) energy? – I hope so, a small flicker registers on the K2 – and then it’s gone!

Over the last 13 years of investigating – small things like this are starting to surface with me, something that I’m really starting to enjoy, could I be becoming more intune with the energies around me? – finally a connection to the past.

For the remainder of the investigation I’m sorry to say that the spirit activity in the area died down, and although we enjoyed being in the company of the museums fascinating exhibits it was time for us to call it a day – and tick off another location from the Myth’s list.

Special thanks to staff of the Gosport Explosion Museum, The Myths Team and Roger J Millward for the amazing pictures you see here.