Virtual Lab


obj1139geo975p2As every ghost-hunter knows, the evidence we seek is usually hidden away in the media files we’ve used during the investigation. Do you have an unknown voice in your EVP recording? or a phantom shadow hiding away in the shadows of your pictures?

Thankfully from this very site, you can now research and review your evidence, all the tools you need are here ONLINE – you could even log into this website while on an investigation for LIVE ANALYSIS! (that’s if you can get a mobile internet connection)


Other important websites:

Exif Data Viewer Did you know that every original photo has hidden information?
By using this website you can view the hidden EXIF data.
File Format Convertor File Formatting is a huge problem, with phones, tablets and different
operating systems -this website will convert the formats of audio & video files.



I plan on expanding this section over time to include everything you will ever need, including an online database for you to record your important information.

Coming soon – Live Video Editing!
Stay with us.. it’s gonna be good!