Myths Team Update – July 2015


So what have we been up to recently??

It’s been a really busy start to the season for us, not so much with Investigations, but training – bonding and arranging projects that will see us right through to 2016!

The training side is always important to us as it allows us to come together and learn from each other, the team should have experience and the knowledge of using every piece of equipment we have.


It’s also a time for us to take out possible new recruits with us, give them a taste of what its about. This year it was the turn of ‘James’ – our parapsychologist. (in training)

Newtown was the chosen location, always a place for us that seems active – and thankfully didn’t let us down this time. Janis picking up on a strong spirit that was trailing us about 20 foot behind, it wasn’t long before it made its move on John. Totally draining him of energy and leaving him a little worse for wear. Luckily Janis our resident Wiccan stepped in to push the spirit back and share a little energy with John.

Spirit is just about to make its move on John, draining him of energy


IMG_1753 (1)

August looks a busy time, with some of the team heading off for an investigation at the very haunted Littlecotte Manor, (close to Swindon) – followed by an investigation in a rather grand hotel a little closer to home.

We have a continued contract with the Steam Railway this year that will see us performing another fantastic Public ‘Paranormal Investigation’ Event in early October, followed by our showcase ‘Paranormal Tour’ Event at Havenstreet on All-Hallows-Eve.

This year we are really pushing the boat out (train!?) – as we will be incorporating a number of hi-tech effects to really give you the scare factor. (suitable for families)

And then its the big one.. in November the entire team will be heading off on a road trip, to one of the biggest locations to date for us, as we investigate a former Naval Base! Рcant wait for that one..

But let’s pull back a little before I leave you once again.. I briefly mentioned our Public Investigation Event in October, our first one at the beginning of the year (in February) was such a roaring success, we thought we’d do a ‘pre-halloween’ event to get you in a spooky mood for the big night. If you havent been out with us before, this is your chance to enjoy an incredible evening – up close and personal to the age of yesteryear. The atmosphere can become soo charged – who knows what might happen!

Checkout our website: for the full details, and book your tickets with us – as they are going fast already!



As always, many thanks to the team – especially Roger Millward for the amazing photography shots.

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