Reiki Healing

johnbcrystalJohn Byrne IIHHT.  Reiki Master
Reiki, Reflexology and Crystal work
Location: Isle of Wight

John is a traditional Reiki Master of the Usui system of natural healing. John has been trained under 2 Reiki masters and is studying a variety of natural healing techniques. John also offers crystal healing either by itself or with Reiki.

Reflexology, what is it?

Reflex: “An involuntary response to a stimulus, independent of will”

The healing art of reflexology or foot/hand massage, is thought to have been practised more than 5.000 years ago by the early Chinese and Egyptian people. At the start of the 1900’s, Dr William Fitzgerald, a surgeon, noted that pressure applied on certain parts of the body had an anaesthetising effect on a related area.

Using this information, he divided the body into 10 equal longitudinal zones, that ended at the fingers and toes.

A few years later, (in the 1930’s), Eunice Ingham further refined his theory, by correlating a direct link between a specific area/point or reflex zone on the foot or hand, and a reaction in a corresponding anatomical body part, such as an organ, gland or an area of the body, when pressure was applied to the hand or foot.


Reflexology, what happens.

The first treatment, which includes taking a full case history ( medical and lifestyle details), can last up to 1½ hours. All other sessions last up to approximately 1 hour. The client removes their socks and shoes, and then relaxes on a massage couch. The therapist will then massage the whole of both feet, using small elliptical movements of the thumb and fingers. This will break down tiny crystal-like deposits (toxins). Which are then removed by the lymphatic system. This stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, and restore balance to all of the systems of the body.


treatments are extremely relaxing and enjoyable.


Reflexology, what can it help

Reflexology, apart from being an extremely relaxing and enjoyable self-treat, has been successful in relieving a wide range of conditions which includes:-

Headaches Digestive problems Sinus problems Insomnia Allergies irculatory disorders Back problems Stress related problems

You do not have to feel ill to benefit from Reflexology, it is also very good as a preventative treatment. Helping to relieve the emotional and physical stresses of today’s modern living. Reflexology has a cumulative beneficial effect, and a course or regular treatments is usual.This will help to maintain the health and well-being of mind, body and spirit.



japanise wordsReiki

The Treatment Reiki is a simple and powerful process. Treatments and frequency are individually tailored to the patients needs and condition. In most cases the treatment lasts for about an hour, carried out on a healing couch. The patient remains fully dressed whilst the Reiki therapist works through a set healing format. Reiki carries very few contraindications, though the therapist may well refuse treatment to a woman who is in early stages of pregnancy.

Sex, age and condition are of no concern to the Reiki therapist as the patients own body controls the healing process, only taking from the treatment the amount of life energy it requires at any one session.

The Experience

In general a pleasant sensation of warmth and occasionally coldness will be felt in the area being treated. As the treatment progresses, the stress is released and a feeling of well being is usually experienced. Chronic illnesses usually respond well to Reiki, though in these cases some slight discomfort may be experienced in the beginning .

As the Reiki sessions progress, the low level of energy usually associated with illness or disease, will begin to rise. When a level is reached where the life energy is able to become self supporting, recovery is readily observable. Not only do patients physical symptoms begin to decline, the will to recover is strengthened and motivation becomes the patients best weapon for recovery. One in three patients become so relaxed after a couple of treatments that within five minutes of a treatment starting they are fast asleep.


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