Dark Kitty Crafts

3049_1087971091880_1942095_nghostbunnyAnne Price
Hand-crafted Designs РDark Kitty Crafts

Ever since I was small I have loved to create. My Mum and Sister have inspired this passion in me, patiently spending many hours teaching me (from an early age) the basics of sewing, knitting and crochet, advancing these techniques as I learned.

As a teenager I used to get frustrated at not being able to find the right accessory for an outfit (or even the outfit itself) so would end up either making or customizing what I found. And that’s where it really all started.


My creations are mostly inspired by my love of a dark, alternative world. Horror films and animations, Punks and Goths, they all play a part along with my passion for tattoos and music. So expect zombies, skeletons and skulls along with several Dark Kitties of course!



A Selection of the very special items available to buy at the Dark Kitty Craft Shop




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