Michael Morey

It’s not  easy writing & researching a pub, but I’ll give it a try!
This isn’t just any old pub though, as the site that is stood upon is connected with the brutal ‘Michael Morey’ murder.

Back in time we go to 1736, Michael Morey a local woodcutter – with a fearful temper – had committed one of the most shocking murders that the Island had seen. His victim  – his own grandson!

Michael had dismembered the body and buried the pieces within the woods, hoping nothing more would become of it. Unfortunately for him the locals became suspicious of his behaviour and disappearance of the boy.

A warrant was issued for his arrest. Although he never confessed to the killing, within a few weeks the boy’s remains were uncovered.

Michael was quickly sentenced to be hung, and left to rot at the gallows until justice had been carried out.

Now we fast-forward to the present day. Within feet of where the hanging had taken place, the lovely Hare & Hounds pub now stands. Part of the actual gibbet from the gallows was used in the construction of the pub roof!

As you can guess –although over a 100 years old in itself – the pub has became quite a myth.

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Look carefully around the walls of the pub, and you will find the story of ‘Michael Morey’
(The picture left-above is the gibbet used for his hanging)

A skull was unearthed from the foundations in 1933. For quite a time people believed it to be the cursed remains of Michael. It wasn’t till much later that the skull was fully researched and found to be that of a prehistoric woman.

Unfortunately for the landlord, life at the pub hasn’t been all that quiet  – for it is rumoured that the Ghost of Michael Morey had made itself quite at home!

Objects where being constantly moved around, glasses would smash – heavy footsteps from the roof space above could be heard on most nights…

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It wasn’t till 2006 that the current landlord decided to put a stop to all the paranormal activity that was plaguing his business, A ‘clearing’ supposedly rid the location of any evil spirits.. but did it work? .. or is the Ghost of the murderer still at large, waiting for his time to come again!


Recently, both myself & Jan visited the place –Jan had the instant feel of a ghostly presence. From what she could make out, it was the spirit of a farmer that liked to walk around the pub listening in to other people’s conversations.

Although she could not quite get a strong ‘fix’ on the spirit –she was pretty sure it was not the ghost of Michael. (In fact the spirit became so interested in Jan –it spent the night standing behind her!)

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