Sooo.. we have a Ghost!

13427986_10208994892646001_5791494574549873304_nFirst big invo for the team of this season, here we are back again with our old friends at Havenstreet Steam Railway – this time it’s a new team, with a guest medium Amunet along with us. To cut a long story short, the first 2 hours of the investigation, didn’t really come to any fruitation – until we entered the Train Story Museum. If you’ve never been before, it is quite a place – packed with Engines and Carriages, many of which you can enter. It’s here that before we have witnessed things previously – such as the ‘little girl’ spirit seen running at the end of the platform, and the feeling of dizziness and dread from a baggage wagon.

Steve one of our most experienced team members has come into harm by an unseen energy before in this museum – something quite forcibly scratched the top of his hand, understandably he is now always on his guard around the area. With the team assembling in the entrance, Amunet and John both picked up on a strong energy swirl – Derek , (IW Steam Railway Director) – reached over to my ear and whispered that there’s been a lot of unexplained ‘going’s on’ lately!


With Marie, John & Amunet – finding strong residual energy in the first carriage we come across, the rest of the team made themselves at home in one of the more graceful carriages further along the platform.

Using their spiritual gifts, they had detected a chair that contained quite a powerful spirit energy of a Victorian gentleman – A tall and proud man, with a cane and top hat. With SarahJayne taking her place on the seat, she immediately felt her features change – a transfiguration! Over the course of the next few minutes, they took it in turn to witness this remarkable abnormality for themselves – while the energy remained firm. Into the second side of the museum, all but 2 of the team had made their way to the top end of the concourse, leaving Steve and Maria down the far end.


It was then that they both noticed that someone was walking up the side of the train!

Steve could see his head, Maria noticing his feet from underneath the carriages – thing is.. there’s no one but ourselves in the museum! – Steve ran round the other side of the train as fast as he could, but as always – our ghostly visitor 13407070_10208994906526348_4061865870439243161_nwas nowhere to be seen! He later inquired with Amunet what her thoughts on it was – she scanned the area, homing in on an image and the energies.

Apparently he’s dressed in old style traveler clothing – perhaps a local gypsy, no way connected to the railway or its history. Quite why this spirit is here, we do not know – however I’m told he is desperately searching for something that is lost! Although this whole episode was not caught on the team cameras, it is hoped that our ghostly visitor ‘may’ have been caught on the railways CCTV – we await confirmation on this!!  


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All photos and media remain (c) 2016 – Myths Investigations & Roger J Millward

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