Flight 401

The actual aircraft – Flight 401

How can it be that passengers on different aircraft are seeing the ghosts of a Pilot & Co-Pilot onboard with them?

Take a good look at the plane on the right.. does it give you a spooky chill up your shine – it does to me, this is the last photograph of flight 401.

Before I go into WHY more deeply, lets get back to the ghosties.

Both Passengers & Flight Attendants on Eastern Airline planes would -as you can imagine be quite shocked to see one of the ghostly figures walking towards them. There is even a report of the captain manifesting in a chair next to a passenger, which was seen by just about everyone on the aircraft! It was such a shock that the crew couldn’t the flight and the aircraft was grounded.

But what’s crazy is different planes where experiencing the same phenomenon! how was this possible? With the ghostly visitors making regular appearances by now, investigations had to be made.

It has to be said that in all the cases of the ghostly visits, not once was any kind of  intelligent contact made – it was as though they were somehow ‘projected’?

And now we can finally go back to the history.. It’s December 29, the year 1972, flight 401 – a fully loaded tristar was making its scheduled flight over the Florida Everglades, in readiness for its final approach to  Miami International Airport.

The landing gear was lowered.. only the cockpit warning light was showing that it hadn’t locked into place. The cabin crew struggled to find the answer, was the instument panel playing up? – not realising that at the same time the autopilot was decreasing height rapidly.

The plane nosedived into the earth, killing 99 passengers and crew instantly.

And now we jump ahead to the investigation of our ghostly pilots… where it was shortly discovered that the airline had been using parts from the crash site to service the other aircraft in the fleet! Could it be that the fear from the pilots final seconds had been imprinted into the very fabric and machinery of the aircraft?

Immediately the company ordered all parts from the doomed plane to be removed.. and guess what? the ghostly visitors no longer plagued the aircraft.

For more information on this fasinating story, head over to Wikipedia

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