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toweroflondonTower Bridge – London

If I could write down on a small slip of paper the locations I’d want to visit, Tower Bridge (London) – would be pretty near the top. Having spent my youth hopping in and out of London, it’s a building that still fascinates me -and yet here I am, being given the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny – inside and out.

Unfortunately for Janis, Robert Downey Jr was well gone when we visited – (Sherlock Holmes movie) – and poor old Derek Acorah didn’t fair much better, having been stalked by a spirit in the top passageway arms that connect the two towers – it’s time for the Myth’s team to saddle up and brave whatever is haunting the building.

One of the tower bases holds quite a dark secret, it used to be a morgue! (The side closest to the Tower of London) – They would bring the bodies by boat along the Thames, and store them in the morgue. Infact the whole part of the base was built as a landing platform for the boat!

Although this is now defunct, they no longer allow any visitors to enter this section of the base – so for us it’s a couple of quick pics and time to move on. (The door you can see in the pictures is the entrance to the morgue)

IMAG0097 IMAG0096

Up the lift we go to the top of the tower, as you’ll see from the pictures – two walkways connect the towers. This was used in the Victorian days by the public, more often than not the bridge would be raised – and this allowed the people to cross without waiting for it to close.

During the construction of the bridge in 1886/1894, many deaths were reported. Mostly construction workers welding on the high infrastructures above the River Thames. It is here on these walkways that people have witnessed strange feelings, tugging on clothing and ghostly shadows.

Jan felt very heavy at one point, as though something was pushing down on her. This escalated into a thumping headache, could it be a spirit person trying to make contact?

Meanwhile I was having problems with one of my legs! I couldn’t feel my right foot!!

IMAG0098 bridge1



Strange, very strange – we stayed a good hour or two, thankfully the feeling we both experienced began to subside. We really enjoyed walking through the two arms and admiring the lovely view of London, but it’s time to move on, to the furthest tower.

Although we didn’t experience anything paranormal in the tower, we got to just ‘zone out’ and soak up the atmosphere. The architecture used on the construction of the building is breathtaking – it’s like taking a journey back through time.

Down to the engine rooms now, underneath the roadway. I think Jan got as far as 7 foot into the first room, when she commented on what she felt.

I could feel the presence of a very angry spirit shouting in my face!

Not only was it not happy, but it also tried to push her out of the room. Jan managed to push past it into the main engine room where I was, admiring the twin steam piston’s that control the opening of the bridge.

Unfortunately for her, this spirit was not through with her just yet. It had followed her from the previous room and was once again making things very uncomfortable. At one point she had to steady herself, as it had managed to trip her up!

IMAG0115To make matters worse, it was beginning to make her feel quite sick.

Enough was enough for Jan, she couldn’t take anymore, and promptly made for the exit – leaving me on my own! Being the psychic brick I am, I couldn’t feel anything – maybe it was too busy chasing Janis around. I spent the next half hour walking round on my own, unfortunately I didn’t catch any Paranormal activity.

It was a lovely day, the bridge was as good as I always imagined it to be – leaving me with a chance to cross off another location on my list – JOB DONE.

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