Haunted Havenstreet Event – October 17th

Wow what an evening – we had a great time hosting our second Public Investigation at Havenstreet, the weather was kind to us which really helped set the scene for our guests. Two groups were running on the evening, with all the more experienced ‘veteran’ ghosting hunting guests in one group headed by Steve, Paul & Karin – with Janis and John leading group two, with a focus more on experiments and equipment. Team member Roger doing what he does best, taking the fantastic pictures you can see on this very page.

The night began with yours truly (Paul) – doing a quick crash course presentation in ghost hunting techniques and discoveries from past investigations at the Railway. With the General Manager of the Railway taking part – and our two regular railway staff assistants onhand – we had to make sure everything was correct and in place for the night ahead.

With the late news of a completely new location for us – the signal box, our hopes were high that it was to be an active investigation. As the night progressed spirits started to come through, some we were aware of – others not so. Group 2 had quite an encounter with our regular spirit youngster while partaking in a little glass divination. Group 1 seemed to picking up more and more on WW2 connections, could this be down to the new open wagon that had previously seen service during the war?

It should be noted that the more investigations we perform at the railway, the more connected we feel – and consequently more information for the overall story is formed.

As the night went on, it was clear that WW2 was alive and playing out – 3 of our guests partaking in an automatic writing session had written morse code! – as with our investigation the month before, it seems there’s a change taking place at the railway.. something quite extraordinary is starting to take shape. Personally I have a feeling that there’s going to be a time slip – and replay of a past event. What were once spirits of the railway are moving over to echo’s of war time.

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With soldiers said to be stationed in the surrounding area at Havenstreet (used as a holding area) – its not surprising to find that the area – with all the emotions of past – has somehow been recorded into the very ground. On 2 occasions now – Janis has witnessed a small huddle of ghostly soldiers watching her from the railway track opposite. This link between past and present – needs to be looked into in more detail, we hope to continue our investigations at Havenstreet in 2016 – and to be honest.. we just can’t wait!

Many thanks to our guests for what we hope was an enjoyable evening, and the Staff at Havenstreet for their continued support & friendship. Would you like to investigate Havenstreet with us? – we will be offering more dates for our very popular Public Investigations in early 2016. Please see our website for full details: www.mythsinvestigations.co.uk

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