10th Year Investigation


Soo.. it’s the night of our 10th year ghost investigation, but where to go? Somewhere fitting for the occasion.. Somewhere that we’ve had good results from previously.. hmmm.. Manor X!

And so the team assembled! Steve, John, Janis, Chris, Karin, Dave and Myself (Paul) – from the Myths team, with friends Carrie, David, John E & Marie accompanying us. Could we ever hope to recreate the same amazing investigation we experienced the previous year? – That remains to be seen.

1421115_10152429424245809_683112113_oUpon arriving and setting up base-camp in the Drawing room – the house was left to our disposal. Straight away, Steve ventured into one of the more active guest bedrooms, room 6. He’d bought with him his remote camera and a packet of balloons! (As they are light and easy to move, we hoped the spirits – including the spirit of a young boy regularly witnessed.. – would find the balloons an easy target for a bit of fun)

The camera was left running.. Myself and John took a brief tour around to conduct the base readings. The night began with a Pagan blessing by Janis, and a chance for the more spiritually aware members of the group to focus their energies on the investigation ahead.

Ball Room, although a hotspot the last time we visited this location – this time, the energy felt flat and with no abnormal readings on the K2 and MEL meters – or being picked up by our spiritual members – we moved on to the Reading Rooms.

With Janis asking out if a spirit was present, what seemed like a book behind me on the shelf seemed to move. With Marie and myself spinning round, I quickly scanned the shelf – unfortunately I couldn’t see any evidence of anything being moved, nor did it happen again.

Upstairs now.. Once again our equipment was proving to be very quiet, with not a single hit or change in the base readings.  Steve focussed his investigation at the foot of the stairs, he just couldn’t shake the feeling that someone – at some time or other – had fallen down them. He was picking up on a female energy that seemed to be watching him from the top of landing.


With the rest of the team assembled on the landing, John produced a crystal pendant – time to get back to ‘old school’ methods. With John convinced that a spirit was close by, he began to ask out. What followed in the next 20 minutes was a series of questions being asked, which the pendant (with the energies of spirit) – could answer, by spinning it around. (Clockwise for YES, Anticlockwise for NO) – A story involving one of the former mistresses of the house began to form, apparently she pushed a housemaid, who had strong connections with her son – down the stairs in a fit of rage, the housemaid eventually dying from her injuries.

We have yet to confirm this in our research, however it’s a compelling tale!

1898917_10152420977220809_1807881968_oTo the Tower.. (rebuilt in the Victorian age to become a Stable and Coach House) – With the men and woman splitting up, the guys headed to the former stable blocks. “There’s a spirit of a little boy in here”, says John – “But he’s very frightened!”

Try as we could we just couldn’t get him to communicate with us, infact John informs us that he’s hiding under the bed in the corner of the room. Being parents ourselves, we tried everything we could to reassure him of our intentions.

Meanwhile the girls were having a tough time in one of the offices across from us. Janis had picked up on an angry spirit, who really did not like women. She had a clear link with him, and could hear everything he was saying to her. Apparently spitting at her and calling her all the names under the sun did not have its desired effect on her, the girls were there to stay.

Over the course of the next half hour, with the spirit doing everything it could to try to make the girls leave – Janis started to gain some solid information from him.

Here are some of the important titbits she picked up on:

He was a Stable master, he liked to whip the stable boys and horses, he was only ever happy if he had their blood on his hands. When the horses wouldn’t respond he would tie their legs together and beat them!

A very nasty individual.. Now he set about trying to push Janis over, but she wouldn’t budge – so instead he changed the temperature around her, forming an icy blast. It was at this stage that Janis’s guide stepped in – pushing him away, and telling Janis to calm down.

The girls left the room, with our guide for the night confirming that they had information on a stable master, known for his cruelty. Apparently other investigations at the location had also picked up on this energy.

1891551_10152429424250809_1908275368_oWith a swap over of the 2 groups, it was the turn of the men to face him. Try as we might we just couldn’t get the same reaction. Instead of an angry spirit ready to pounce, John informs us that he’s sat by the side of him resting! – Chris confirmed a change of temperature using the MEL meter, with John asking for confirmation by lowering the temperate even more – which it did by a few degrees, while everywhere else around the room held the same temperate reading.

Meanwhile the girls had picked up on the spirit of the little boy, who was still firmly under the bed. Being mothers, it didn’t take long for them to gain his trust. Carrie, especially it seemed was the focus of his attention. Asking for confirmation of his presence they had the K2 flashing, something the boys just couldn’t get him to do.

A game was devised, asking the boy to run from one end of the room to the other , lighting the k2’s at either end as he went. With footsteps being heard, and visual k2 activity – I guess you could say he enjoyed himself. (Unfortunately for us, the camera did not capture this!)

With the night coming to a close, it was time to regroup in the main house. Our guide once again chipped in to tell us that they had records of the boy. (Confirming his existence)

We closed the night with a blessing, and thanked each other for another calm, professional investigation.. Although – it seems this time – the girls had a much more productive night than the rest of us fellas!

With Thanks to:

The Myths Team: Karin, Dave, John, Steve, Chris, Janis, Paul
Our Guests: Marie, Carrie, David, John E

And the Staff at Manor X

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