Ryde Castle Hotel

rydec3The Myths team assembled in the bar, while we waited for Maz & Simon from Goosebumps. Mark was aware that the hotel’s ‘Mr Nasty’ spirit had noticed us. From that moment onwards, Mark had a battle of the wills that ended up lasting the entire time we stayed.

This evil character had confronted Mark in a previous investigation, and this time it was going to get its way with him. Mark explained that the spirit was Male, and quite powerful – it had in the past thrown a box at him. We would have to be very careful from here on in. Maz and Simon joined us for a quick drink, and a chance to discuss how the investigation was to plan out.

Unfortunately for Simon, the minute he started to relax – he too was beginning to sense something. But not the evil spirit.. Infact, as he explained to us he could see streams of injured people walking through the hotel. All were soaking wet and in a bad way. This had quite an emotional effect on poor Simon and he took a moment or two outside to gather himself.It was then that Mark enlightened us to the history of the location.

If you’d lived in Ryde in the year 1782 you would have witnessed something quite spectacular – HMS Royal George. This lovely ship was the proud sister ship of HMS Victory, it was said to be the largest vessel to be built in Britain at that time.The 29th of August 1782 started out as a good day, with the wives and girlfriends boarding the ship in a day of celebration. The Captain was to use the downtime as a good excuse to repair a pump on the bottom level of the ship.

Against the rulebook the Captain ordered that the cannons be moved to one side of the ship, causing an 8 degree list – ideal for mending the pump. Deliveries were loaded onto the ship through the still open gunports, making use of the low entrance . Unfortunately due to all the extra weight, it wasn’t long before the ship started to list badly, and water poured in through the portholes.Orders were given, but there wasn’t time – the ship was going over. Over a 1000 people died that day, Ryde beach quickly became a graveyard, for many weeks after the bodies would wash up on the shoreline.

Back to the Investigation..

It was at this point that Simon returned, while outside all he could taste was SALTWATER! Could it be that Simon was tuned into the events of the past?Emma the proprietor had giving us access to room 9, the alleged haunted bedroom, it is here that guests have reported feeling ‘watched’.

Team 1 consisting of Kev, Jan & Chris were the first to investigate the room. Although no abnormal EMF’s or temperature differences could be found, it must be noted that the sitting area in the room next to the bedroom felt ‘quite thick’. (as though the air was heavy)Using the K2, Jan felt she had made contact with a female spirit -who seemed playful enough. Managing to answer the team’s questions by lighting the lights on the K2. Jan remarked that it was the first time that she had witnessed ALL the lights lighting. (This takes an enormous amount of energy to do) Kevin took some photo’s which at first glance look like the normal reflection orbs that most digital cameras take.

On closer inspection these ‘flair orbs’ do look quite different to the standard look. These photos – as you can see – are currently being analyzed by us. Once we have put them to the test, we will let you know of our findings.A changeover of teams meant team 2 would now investigate the room. Darren, Mark and myself started the investigation with the usual base reading and photo’s.

On this investigation I brought a new piece of equipment with us, the realtime evp recorder. Anything that was captured out of the ordinary in the room would be played back in realtime through the speakers. This was setup on the table in the bedroom.Darren picked up on the heavy atmosphere of the sitting room, on closer inspection we found the radiator in that room on full – whereas the main bedroom had the heating turned off.Mark picked up on a very low EMF reading to the right of the bed.

rydec2 rydec1


Further testing was carried out on nearby electrical sockets, light fittings and general cables in the area. This reading – although very low – could not be explained. Do we have our first bit of Paranormal evidence?Maz & Simon from Goosebumps Paranormal were to join us, almost instantly on them entering the room did they become aware of a presence. (both Maz & Simon have mediumship skills)Simon remarked that a female was in the room with us, and “was waiting for something..”, although at this stage we have yet to find out for what. Maz was picking up clear communication from this female spirit, her name was Marilyn.

Over the course of the next 40 minutes, the responses to our questions were coming thick and fast. And more importantly, ‘Marilyn’ was communicating with the K2. It was amazing to watch, although her story was very sad –  this young spirit wanted her story to be heard. Due to the nature of the information we learnt that night, I have decided to keep this report and it’s more personal details to a minimum. Suffice to say that the young woman had been abused perhaps by a family member, eventually falling pregnant. We believe she may have ended her life to escape her torment.

It was a very emotional time, Maz being a mother had a hard time trying to battle through the emotions. It’s an investigation that we will remember for a long time to come.Simon picked up on the spirit of a dog, through communication with the K2 and his mediumship skills we learned that the dog was called ‘Wallace’. Mark chipped in that he felt the dog was of the Pekingese breed.

By this time Mark, Simon & Maz where really connecting with each other. We had answers flowing fast from all 3 of them. Simon picked up on the fact that Marilyn had different coloured eyes, something Marilyn using the k2 was able to confirm. Maz felt that Marilyn was starting to retreat from the room, while another much more stronger energy had entered the room.

rydec4Whatever is was, felt quite evil, and was making a bee-line for Mark!

Mark could feel that it was desperate to take him over, it was taking a lot of his energy to keep this spirit at bay. Meanwhile Simon was churning out information on this spirit. It was Male, deformed and spend most of his life very angry. Could this male energy have anything to do with the abuse that Marilyn received?

Try as we might, we couldn’t get this information to match up.Mark commented that he believed that this angry spirit energy was infact keeping many of the other spirits at the hotel from leaving.  (passing over) It was at this point that I started to pickup movement on the IR camera. I could see a small light moving around the room from Simon to Mark and back again.Naturally we could put this down to dust, insects or some kind of reflection, so I didn’t really pay much attention to it.

Meanwhile Mark was starting to struggle, this energy was trying to push itself onto him. He let out a yelp, just as I swung the camera around. What I caught on film was quite astounding, I saw a small bright ball of light leap out of Mark’s chest – roll down his sleeve, before disappearing.Looking through the footage, I really can’t explain it – this was no dust or insect.

This was a bright ball of ‘something’. Mark explained that the energy had tried to jump into him, so he reacted and pushed the energy to the other side of him. Had I just witnessed this energy transference? it certainly looked convincing!

By now Simon was picking up on all sorts of information, he could sense that this spirit had been bullied and tormented most of his life – so now he was making up for it. Simon picked up on the nickname they used to call him [censored – sorry].

The more Simon and now Mark was able to expose this information about him, the more the spirit seemed afraid. It was as though they had gained the power of knowledge over him, bringing up situations from his past  – and he did not like it!

Almost as quick as the energy entered the room, it left. The room immediately felt lighter, a very draining night for everyone. Emotions had run high this night, and although the spirit energy in the hotel seemed to die down – we are sure that this is not over.

Final Notes:

A very interesting night, the K2 and IR Camera seemed to pickup most of the activity. Apart from the different temperates of the rooms, no sudden cold/hot spots were reported.

With thanks to Goosebumps & the Management of Ryde Castle Hotel

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