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stevepiccandle2Steve Haynes
Paranormal Researcher

In the last few years, I have begun to understand through others, that many spirits are often afraid to cross over due to fear, unfinished business,not be able to let their loved one’s go, or that they are just trapped in time.

So why do we do what we do,well for me it’s being able to help them. learn from them and last but not least, to try and help them and document any evidence to learn from.


Of all the haunted locations have been privilege to attend, frustration is the key to all activity, but saying that, some spirits do not want to come forward and they just remain silent watching on, having found their own peace in some way.


We all like to believe that there might be an afterlife, but can we prove it, nice idea, but it will never happen. Those that can see, hear, feel or speak to them, know differently.


So where do we begin

Lets start with those few that are seeing things,feeling things and being scared by them, Whatever age you may be child,teenager or adult, don’t be scared by the goings on. Its easy to say, but remember Fear breeds fear, giving them the power to scare you.!

Start by asking them, do they need help, do they have a message to pass on, ask them for a response.If all fails then you can ask them to leave,not always 100% , but worth a try.Keep a journal,write down every incident that happens along with the date,day and time , Some time it helps to see if there is a pattern to the disturbances. Remember you have the ability to take control, something you will realise as you get older.


Be firm and and raise your voice command, tell them to leave, I don’t want you to be here! etc..

Never be afraid!


If all else fails, then speak to someone, look for a spiritualist church in your local area, Contact a medium or clairvoyant and ask them for help, you can also contact you local paranormal group who will be willing to help you out.

But BE WARNED! Always use a reputable person as I am finding that some do not have the abilities they poses, it would be wise to ask around for recommendations, plus most people that will help you do not charge for there services.


For parents who have younger kids

Always listen to your child, whether you believe them or not, if you don’t, they will only confide in there friends, who will label them a freak because they don’t understand.

The first sign of trouble is when your child goes from being an out going person full of laughter and smiles,to a quite lost child that is afraid of his or her shadow, waking up in the night,with night terrors,afraid of the dark and so on. But like all parents we mistake all what we hear until it’s too late,because all kids have invisible friends and that’s ok for parents, because it’s what they call children playing.

So if your a parent looking at this site,then it just takes a few minutes to sit down and talk to your child in question,ask them nicely, give them support (a large hug) will always help,make notes, as a parent you will know if your kid is telling porkies or the truth, DON’T tell they are making it up, look into it, if left to there teenage years they will have missed out on many happy years as a child.

My thanks for looking – Steve

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