Carisbrooke Castle

castle1What a night to do a little investigating, one minute its clear enough to see shooting stars.. the next the mist/fog is soo thick its like something from a horror movie!

The team onhand being, Myself, Jan, Karin, Dave, Kev & Steve with our special guests Cat, Caz, Mags & Sadie. (the lovely dog!) – we wanted to see why the castle has recently been so active and for our guests to explain a little more about their recent encounter with the ghostly roman centurion last week.

As you’ll probably remember from my previous post, it was only a few weeks before that our Janis had a full on encounter of her own – with the full figure of a medieval bowman walking past her in broad daylight! With the girls walking ahead with the dog – (always good to take a dog on a ghost invo, as they can pickup on things we cant!) – Karin, Dave & Jan following with some EMF equipment.. leaving myself, Steve & Kev trailing.. Kev with his new Ghost Rader software on his ipad.

Right at the start I had a k2 hit – it went absolutely crazy! One small problem.. I was in the process of turning off my phone, I’d like to say it was a spiritual presence – but I cant for sure.. it could just have been my phone looking for a new signal. So.. with phone switched off – we continued. Kev’s voice software randomly spitting out words as we went.

Just as we hit the back of the castle the mist/fog came rolling in – very drastically the atmosphere changed, all sound from the town was masked.. we couldn’t see more than a few feet infront of us! Brilliant Ghost Hunting weather.. well.. if your after zombies!

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Nope! – not orbs – but what happens when you use a flash in Fog!

 Both Kev & Steve had the feeling of being followed, but try as we might we couldn’t get them to come any closer to us. At one point Steve was sure someone was up on the battlements, following us around. I got as close as I could to the point Steve was sensing something but just could get any k2 readings in the area.

It was around this time that Janis felt something wasn’t right – her guide had warned her to be on her guard.. she doubled her protection.. And then she felt it.. something UNDER the ground was vibrating. She said she’s never experienced anything like it – and has no idea what it was. (possibly a buried body!?) – Karin took an EMF sweep – nothing! .. Kev did the same, just as the ipad screamed ‘POWERFUL’.. yeap.. she’s that alright! Picture 17We continued walking to the spot the girls had their encounter, just as the fog seemed to clear.. We were witness to a amazing view infront of us, Carisbrooke church spire piercing the blanket of fog still wrapped firmly around the town housing.

After a brief re-enactment of the ghostly sighting we came to quite the incredible conclusion, that they were stood no more than 3 feet away from their ghostly soldier and had a front row seat to the sighting. Caz mentioned that the dog (German Shepard) was barking like mad at the time, but had her tail between her legs, as though something was not right and wanted to protect her owner.

Cat recalled that the red feathering on his helmet was soo bright red, and yet the rest of him was dull and faded. Sounds like they had quite a sighting! After taking some more readings, and concluding the clinking we could hear was nothing more that the flagpole, we called it a night.. It was a good night, lets hope we have a few more of them – and who knows.. maybe we may just catch a glimpse of this centurion!

Big Thanks to the Myths Team & Steve, Kev and our guests Cat, Caz & Mags.. oh and Sadie!

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  • admin says:

    As reported above, kev used a ghost app on his ipad, these were the works spoken..

    23:34:32 : log
    23:32:08 : passage
    22:57:44 : silver
    22:57:28 : whenever
    22:57:20 : exchange
    22:57:04 : my
    22:56:56 : captain
    22:56:40 : pressure
    22:55:44 : person
    22:54:56 : suit
    22:54:00 : son
    22:53:52 : increase
    22:53:12 : move
    22:52:56 : men
    22:52:08 : character
    22:51:52 : record
    22:49:44 : source
    22:49:20 : William
    22:48:48 : excitement
    22:44:40 : London
    22:44:32 : those
    22:43:52 : powerful
    22:37:20 : store
    22:37:12 : can’t
    22:34:56 : you’d
    22:32:00 : never
    22:31:44 : shorter
    22:30:16 : quickly
    22:29:44 : care
    22:29:36 : widely
    22:29:20 : they
    22:29:04 : band
    22:25:04 : article
    22:24:32 : thread
    22:24:24 : hard
    22:24:08 : ball
    22:23:20 : joy
    22:21:04 : dirty
    22:20:56 : baseball
    22:20:40 : something
    22:20:00 : done
    22:19:52 : island
    22:17:52 : watch
    22:17:36 : characteristic
    22:17:28 : conversation
    22:17:12 : exclaimed

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