The Tunnels of El Carmoli

A brave report of an investigation by Neil Youngs
Location. El Carmoli Murcia Spain. 
37.6833° N  0.8667° W
Humidity 71%
Wind 13 Kmh
Outside temperature of 31°C
Tunnel temperature of 11°C

The tunnels used to house bombs that were transported to an airfield about 3/4 of a mile away.  The tunnels have an all year round stable temperature which is ideal for any sort of explosive.

Franco used north African labour, and when they became dissident,  or unproductive they were put in the tunnels and the air was extracted.  The bodies were then dumped at sea. The estimated death toll was 12000 to 15000 in 23 years.

The first tunnel felt fine which is where the light anomalies appeared. The second tunnel was really quite oppressive.

 20150725_113708  20150725_111751  20150725_110618

A few years ago a tramp was living in the second tunnel until some locals beat him up. He was found dead a few days later. The injuries to his kidneys was extensive which meant he had bled to death internally. Very tragic, but as I say the atmosphere was really malevolent. We’d only been in there a few moments when it became much colder. It felt as if a weight was pushing down on us, and my son felt a pressure in his stomach that began to ache. The EMF readings in tunnel 2 were in the low 50s with outside readings around 11.

I’m not sure but we didn’t feel as though we were alone,  even though we were, and /b there was an indescribable odour in tunnel 2. It wasn’t damp or verkin smells, but something very different indeed. Not a nice experience.

smokelineMany Thanks to Neil for sharing his exploits with us!

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