Supernatural Book Review

And now for something completely different… a book review! – yes, I have been known on occasion to read a good book or two.

I wanted something light but entertaining to read in the evenings on my kindle, so I started to hunt around for a book that would hold my interest – I ended up settling on a little known title entitled ‘Will Storr vs The Supernatural’, and to be honest I haven’t been able to put it down since starting it.

If you have an interest in Ghost Investigating this is the book for you, it follows reporter Will Storr on his quest to prove that ghosts and the paranormal exist.

Starting with a very limited skeptical knowledge of the subject, Will takes a life journey to try to experience EVERYTHING, from Mediums to defeating Demons.. Poor Will really does struggle.

Being a Ghost Hunter myself I can relate to most of his experiences.

Just about every major location and past mainstream paranormal investigation is mentioned at one stage or another – including The Enfield Poltergeist and quizzing a local Ghost Invo team on their thoughts of the TV show Most Haunted! (it did raise a chuckle of two with me.. hehe)

And it’s not just based on UK investigations either as Will travels to America to deal with a rather nasty possession. But its not all doom and gloom as you’ll find the pace fast and the wit fresh – all in all, a very good entertaining read, even if you have no personal experiences of ghosts or ghost hunting.

With it also being available on Kindle as well as paperback, you have no reason to pass this up!

Recommended! – Click HERE for the Amazon Book Page


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