Arreton Manor

obj618geo769p2A Spooky Over-Night stay in the very haunted Arreton Manor

If your a big Most Haunted fan, then the chances are you’ve seen the ‘Arreton Manor’ episode shot here on the Isle of Wight. It was quite an active episode, we had.. Karl and Stuart having trouble with the furniture in the attic.. Derek being possessed by the former owner..

A book and plate being thrown through the air.. and Iain Cash (cameraman) reporting that his back was being poked by a child spirit. All in all – a good show, with alot for the Manor to live up to !.

We had booked to spend the night in the “Adrintone Bedchamber “, its quite a character bedroom – complete with antique peroid furniture, tapestries on the wall and a full 4 poster bed. Have you actually ever got on one of those things ?, they are soo high !.

As the night drew in, we made our way back to the Manor. It had started to get quite dark, now was not a good time to have had the idea to leave a light on in the main room – nothing like scrabbling around in a haunted Manor house in the dark looking for a light switch !

Thankfully the owner of the Manor had already done this for us..

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We had the ‘re-enactment’ guys camping outside the manor over night in a tent, so it was quite comman to look out of the window and see King Charles walking around the gardens. I devised a test – ‘The Prod Test’.. walk up to them, prod them – if they where solid, its ok… if my finger went through them.. PANIC !!!!.

Although the Manor is now home to the current owner and their family, quite a few of the main downstairs rooms where still freely open to us. It was quite a amazing experience to be able to walk around the house on your own, just to reach out and touch some of the history around you. I found the secret panel in the hallway, which leads out to the back of the house.

The area around the top of the stairs that led to the cellar felt alittle spooky, if you can remember back to MH, you’ll know that Derek had visions that prisoners where been tortured and beheaded. I just didn’t like the feeling of what might be down there, so I left it well alone. (infact I think I walked rather quickly from it). I found the ‘Priests Stone’, which looks like nothing more than a large dent in a floor stone. The rumour is that the Monks – (who took up a residency in the back rooms) – would kneel down to pray in exactly the same position every time, and that the stone had been gradually worn down.

obj862geo690p2Apparently chanting Monks is quite a regular audible event, but I couldn’t hear anything at the time.

We settled down for the night..

Laying on the bed resting, Janis said she could feel the ‘busy’ energy in the house from over the centuries, maids and servants walking about – that type of thing.

I sort of only half slept, I think for most of the night I had an eye open – expecting a visit from one of the resident ghosts. During the night I think the only thing I witnessed was a small ‘rap’ sound on the antique wardrobe !?


It wasnt till the next morning that Janis let me know of her ‘experiences’…She had experienced an intense burning sensation in one of her arms – (the one she had out of the covers) – it lasted a good few minutes, afterwards it was fine again !.

She’s never experienced anything like it before, and it only happened to the one arm. (that was out of bed on the covers) – It only lasted a few minutes, but she is convinced it was paranormal.. perhaps something to do with a fire !?

I’ve started to look into the history of the place, but have of yet to find anything. Although they do say that hot and cold feelings could be put down to a visit from a ghostie!

My arm felt like it was on fire, I’ve never experienced anything like it !

Next morning we awoke to the smell of fresh coffee, we were to have a full english breakfast downstairs in the ‘Judges Room’, but what we wasn’t expecting was the incredible ‘character’ breakfast table, complete with wooden plates and silver goblets !.

It was as though we had stepped back in time..

(Thankfully nothing flew off the table at us, as it had the MH crew !. I wouldn’t have been too impressed by the spirit if it had thrown my breakfast over me.. levitate it.. but dont throw it !!)

We had a great time at the Manor, the house is awash with history. Only wish it had been for longer – maybe next year..

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