Ventnor Botanical Grds

vistorc_darkVentnor Botanical Gardens

The Gardens is quite a breathtaking sight during the day, but come the dark – the whole area almost seems to change. You get the feeling that your not alone – could it be some of the local wildlife ?, or is it something else ??.

VBG has quite a paranormal reputation to uphold, vistors to park have frequently witnessed spooky outlines of spirit people – only to fade away when approched. We needed to experience this for ourselves…

We had only just set out walking across the car park towards what is left of the ‘Nurses Tunnel’, when Jason shouts out that he’s just seen something. We were totally not prepared at the time for something to happen so soon. The cameras and equipment where still in our bags !.

So what did Jason see..?

The light I saw was about the size of a tennis ball, and was an opaque white colour. It just sort of floated at about waist height then disappeared ! – SPOOKY. I tried to re-create it with a couple of torches in case it was just reflection, it didnt work.

All the way through the tour we had a visitor, NO !! – not the ghostie type, but a local cat. It had quite a calming influence on the group, infact you could say it put us all at ease.

vent_dark3   vent_dark2   vent_dark1

As you can see from above, humidity is quite a problem when taking pictures.
These are not orbs, just water droplets in the air reflecting the cameras flash.

But that didnt help poor Jason, who would pickup this strange light in the distance with the Infrared Camera. On more than one occation, did Jason start to panic as this strange shape made its way towards him.. HAHAHA

Rose Arbour

As we were walking by the ‘Rose Arbour’, both Jason and Janis reported hearing a breathing sound close to them.

On closer expection of the MP3 recording Ben made, there is a sudden change in the sound file. Although you cant really hear the change, you can certainly see it using sound editing software.



Janis: I heard what sounded like a strong breath close to my ear, Jason also heard it !


nursesThe Nurses Tunnel

The Nurses Tunnel leads through the ground to the staff house on the hill above, the entrance is now concreted over – but you can still see where the original entrance was.. (behind the benches, opposite the Greenhouse)

You can see this clearer in the ‘Day Movie’ on the history page.

It was back at the Nurses Tunnel where I saw what looked like a strange green light slowly moving around on the grass next to the bench.

I still dont know what it was, but the others are pretty convinced that it wasnt paranormal.


morgueThe Morgue

Although this part of the hospital was totally flattened to make way for the Car Park, underground tunnels can still be found underneath the tarmac. It was from these tunnels they could wheel the dead out through the hospital without anyone noticing. This area is supposedly still very active !.

Just as we reached this area – for no reason at all, Jan’s EMF squealed out loudly. At the same time Lisa was experiencing fluctuating temperature readings with the ‘Infrared Thermometer’.


oven2The Infirmary (Ovens)

What you can see here, is all that is left of the infirmary section of the hospital. It was in these very ovens that body parts – and sometimes bodys! – would be cremated.

Not a very nice thought.. but it has been here, that a lot of paranormal activity has been witnessed.

 Unfortunately for us.. apart from a slight twitch on the EMF – everything seemed quite calm and peaceful.

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