Niddrey Street Vaults

nid1The Niddrey Street Vaults – Edinburgh

It wasn’t till recently that these vaults were discovered. A student renting one of the rooms in the building above the vaults happened to be bouncing a ball close to the chimney, he noticed the sound was more of a hollow thud when he threw it at the wall than the other surrounding walls.

On further investigation – by removing part of the wall -he found the bricked off entrance to the vaults. Of course it wasn’t long before the entire section of wall was removed and the vaults as you see them today finally gave up their secrets. These vaults consisted of a series of 4 large rooms, interconnected by the main corridor.

We had been pre-warned of the poltergeist that has made its home in one of the huge vault rooms, Being previously classified as a ‘class 4’ we knew that we would have to watch our backs. The next vault wasn’t much better either, apparently a witches coven (in the forth and final vault room), had managed to conjure up a demonic presence by mistake! This entity had been entrapped within a stone circle of protection.

As long as you didn’t cross the floor into the circle, you were reasonably safe! ( As mentioned above, the vaults are still used by a local covenant which limits us to what we could film and photograph ) Vault 1 This is now the main room of covenant, we were barred from access – but with the altar, painted pentagon on the floor and goodness knows what else hanging up, it wasn’t a place I wanted to go anyway.

Vault 2 Our guide (who had to accompany us at all times) – told us that this vault had a sad history, during the great fire of Edinburgh families sheltered in this large vault, thinking that the stone would not catch fire and they would be spared. The men folk sealed the entrance from the outside. Unfortunately the result was nothing more than a huge oven, and with strength failing – every man, woman and child in the vaults perished. A very sad thought! It must be noted that visitors to the vaults and investigation groups have reported stone throwing from the back of the room.

Vault 3 The poltergeist’s lair, not much is known about the origins of this beastie, but it is to be taken seriously! The guide would only take us in if we split the sex’s up! Male members to left – female to the right. Apparently this makes it harder for the poltergeist to pick out a target from the group. To be honest I have no idea if this is fact -but as a guest, I’m willing to follow their rules! For a brief moment I thought something was behind me, I turned and put my torch on. Jan had the IR camera on me at all times but we both couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Within a few minutes the guide was itching to leave this room as she has had quite a few bad experiences in the room over the last year.

Vault 4 Home of the demonic entity. If you watched the recent Most Haunted Live episode featuring the vaults you’ll know this room quite well, as 4 members of the team crossed into the stone circle and were quite viciously attacked by unseen hands! (Stuart needing hospital treatment for open wounds across his back and legs) The background info that the guide is aware of, goes as follows.. The covenant had originally been stationed in this vault, using a scurrying method (mirrors) to connect to the spirit world. Unfortunately for them they didn’t heed the rules that is associated with this method of communication and managed to create a portal.

Through this doorway they created, a demonic entity managed to pass into our very plane of existence. From that day forward the entity has been getting stronger and stronger, not being able to send it back through the portal – a stone circle of protection was setup. If you cross into the circle, then you are trespassing into its space, and it will attack! We were warned against doing so – but if we did – it would be on our own heads, the guide would not be able to help us in any way.

We both looked at each other, Jan had a large grin on her face that to me says she was going to enter the circle. After explaining to her my concerns that we just don’t know what we are dealing with and the possible repercussions on her, we settled for some k2 readings. With my arm outstretched into the circle, I flicked on the switch. To be honest with you I thought it would make no difference – but there.. looking down at the lights on the meter, I could see a slight reading! Move it out of the circle.. nothing.. move it back in.. 2 lights lit up! So the circle contained some sort of energy, be it an entity or some form of magnetic rock – SOMETHING was registering! What’s more.. Jan was filming me, not one piece of footage from this room recorded!, looking back at the footage the whole segment is blank.

Whether it’s down to human mistake or something unworldly -it is quite a puzzling experience. Our limited time in the Niddrey vaults was coming to an end, just enough time to checkout the pub above the vaults that shares its basement room with parts of the vaults. Over the years the pub has been titled “The Most Haunted Pub in Edinburgh”, and I guess its earned its title. A quick whiskey (gotta be done – I’m in Scotland!) -and then it’s on to the set of vaults next door!! (see Blair Street Vaults invo)

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