Covenanters Prison

conv1Covenanters Prison – Edinburgh

This place has been featured time and time again on TV, most recently on a documentary for The Discovery Channel. This is no walk in the park location that Most Haunted like to feature, this is the numero uno!

200 visitors have been attacked viciously by this entity over the space of the last few years -most needing hospital treatment. The various guides have counted over 60 attacks on themselves, it was vital that we took this place seriously.

Our guide gave us simple guidelines to follow, if we would not follow them, we could be in a whole world of trouble.

To start with we had to follow the path through the middle of the tree’s. No deviating! She explained that prisoners were regularly brought out and made to lie on the ground naked either side of the pathway. If they moved or tried to get up, they were shot! I guess the guards had no real intention of letting anyone live anyway.

Something Jan didn’t let the guide or myself know about till after the tour was that the minute she stepped through the gate, she became aware of whispering to the side of her. Jan thought it best not to unnerve us!


It really is a horrible thought to know of the history and us to be so close to where it all happened. The pathway gave way to a massive stone crypt – this was it..

We were once again told of the guidelines, NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES INSIDE!!!

I think by that time both me and Jan were half expecting not to come out alive, after all with all the investigations we crammed into one day -it wouldn’t take much for something to take us over. Jan was trying to protect us spiritually like never before!

We walked in.. to be honest my first impression wasn’t that great, it just seemed like a large stone room. I began to relax and let the investigator side of me kick in. Were there any drafts, things for people to trip over or cut themselves on?

Jan reported she could feel cobwebs across her face, which is usually the first sign that something is trying to communicate with her. But being a sensitive not a psychic, whatever it was – was out of luck.

We had to leave, the guide was starting to worry -and Jan was starting to look very drained of colour.

However the story doesn’t end there..

It wasn’t till we got back to the hotel and began to rest , that Jan told me she had a bit of a vision. She could see dead babies being put on shelves around the crypt. She has no understanding why she had that thought – but it did worry her a little.

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