Devils Chimney

Taking a walk on the main coast road between the towns of Shanklin and Ventnor, you cant help but notice the dramatic landscape of the coastline around you.

It really is a sight to behold.. but remember to keep your eyes about you – as you’ve entered smugglers territory!.

Take a closer look at the Landslip, you’ll notice a small clearing through the bushes that leads down a winding track to what is called the Devils Chimney.

But what is it ? – its a secret pathway that was cut into the rock face down to the bay below, by smugglers. It’s hidden away from prying eyes – so make sure you look closely for the opening.

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Many visitors to the chimney report feeling dizzy, is it the sheer height of the cliffs around you? or could it be images from the past re-enacting.

As you can see from the pictures, the passageway is quite steep and narrow. But is it haunted ?

We don’t think so.. Janis could not pick up on any spiritual activity.. HOWEVER.. She seemed to get the sense of movement from within the rocks. Could Janis be picking up on residual energy stored in the rock ?.

I get the feeling of hustle & bustle.. lots of moving at great speed, up and down the steps.

But what would this place be like at night ? I think the feeling would be quite different, guess there’s only one way of finding out! … cue the Ghost Investigation..

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