Although time has changed many of the industry’s and dwellings that originally settled here – the ancient village of Arreton has proudly been part of Island life for over 1000 years.

Arreton has many secrets to share with us…

Sitting in the shadow of Arreton Manor (see special locations), you can find the old ‘Craft Village’. Here you can find tradesman working away in their workshops, just as they would of many years ago.

It’s as though you’ve taken a journey back through time !

Home also to the ‘Dairymans Daughter’ – the local pub, and also my personal favourite on the whole of the Island. (make sure you sample some of the locally brewed Island beers)

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If you can tear yourself away from the ‘Sweet Shop’ long enough, a quick walk around the back of the workshops, leads you to the carp pond – which was actually mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

DSCF3065Keep walking.. you can hardly miss the old church and graveyard. Although modified throughout the years, the original building dates back to before the 13th century. It is the only Island church dedicated to St George.

The Church

Within the church you should be able to find the brass figure mounted on the top of the grave of Harry Hawles, a local knight – and former steward of the Isle of Wight. It is known that Sir Hawles even served at Agincourt in 1415. Be aware though.. the head of the brass figurine is missing !!.

This has been quite a mystery for many years, a lot of Island rumours have circulated – although with no real way of proving them, theres little we can find out now.

obj1201geo806p2One such rumour involves Oliver Cromwell, and his despise for the church. Knowing that he was stationed at Carisbrooke Castle (a few miles away) – makes this rumour all the more believable.

It was in the church, over at the brass that Janis started to feel that we where not alone !.

At one point Janis felt as though the spirit was standing next to me, not threatening in any way – more ‘intrigued’ by me than anything else.

I was feeling brave at the time and asked out.. but received no reply.

However.. I took a picture just before leaving, notice the orb shaped object far in the distance. Too far away – (and big) – for disturbed dust particles..

I could feel the spirit of a man standing in one of the corners of the building the moment we entered the church. As we were talking, the spirit seemed to move closer. I had a strong feeling that it was a former member of the congregation intrigued on our conversion, perhaps wanting to put us right on a few things.

Outside the church a small footpath leads down towards the White Lion Pub, past a few very pretty cottages.

pic8This whole area has experienced quite a bit of paranormal activity over the years – including a procession of ghostly monks walking along the path up to the cottages.

Follow the path down the hill, eventually you’ll come out at the White Lion Pub. As you’ll see in another Ghost Encounter – this location still hosts a poltergeist.

Over the years, Arreton has certainly played a big part in Island live. Take a look over at the picture on the left, this is a model of how the original barn would have looked over 200 years ago. This building was converted into – what is now, the Dairymans Daughter Pub.

The small video snippet (on the right) – quite clearly shows the Arreton craft market and the church grounds, you can see why the ghosties just might want to stay !.

It’s a very beautiful location, one that I find both intriguing and mysterious.

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