The Longstone

What is the Longstone ?, well to be honest.. nobody really knows !

We know its a very ancient site, with two prominent stones situated right in the middle of a cleared area. We know they have been used for many years in rituals – but we dont have any answers as to what it ‘really’ is, we can only speculate.

Infact the journey to find it can be just as mysterious. There are no signposts or information, its even missing from some maps. It took us 2 attempts to find it, and that was with a map !.

So lets start at the very begining, and give you a bit of a clue as to the whereabouts of it. Start by finding the town of Mottistone, if your travelling from east to west – go through Brightstone, and its the next small town you come to.

When you reach the gate at the top, the pathway splits into 3. We now know from experience to TAKE THE RIGHT, many hours where spent ‘exploring’ the other pathways !. Still, its a lovely walk – even if you do get lost.

The Beautiful view from the cliff-top that awaits you



Panoramic View from Mottistone Downs

DSCF0640You’ll know your at the right place when the surrounding shrubbery starts to taper off, to be replaced by patches of heathers, finally.. with luck.. you should find the Longstone, peaking out of the surrounding countryside.

The 2 stones have been used by various religions for different purposes throughout time. It has been said to have been used as a alter for sacrifices and witchcraft, at one point – but that’s only hear-say.

Thankfully today its seeing much more peaceful times. Pagan’s still routinely make the trip up to it every Summer Solstice, to watch the sun go down.

When you finally reach it, what will you see ?.. Well, to be honest not alot. Two huge stones, stood in what is now a cleared area. The stone standing upright is about 12-13 feet tall, while the other around 7-8 feet long. Apparently at one stage both rocks where standing up, as longterm rain damage can be found at one end.

DSCF0643The stones are said to dispell strange powers, people today still report feeling dizzy while standing close to them. We took it upon ourselves to try a few tests on the stones…

Testing.. 1.. 2.. 3..

Our first test involved the use of a Crystal, Janis has had quite a bit of experience of using crystals over the years – but this was going to be the first time she’s tried it outdoors.

The crystal is supported by a silver chain, the chain is then left to dangle down over the stone. Depending on the forces involved – used correctly the crystal could start to swing..

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions, we cant really say that the readings we where getting were 100% correct.

The last test involved taking an EMF reading. The EMF meter can detect energy fluctuations, be it magnetic or electrical or even spirit. (Spirits are said to give off and energy reading that can be picked up on an EMF meter)

Although we wasn’t really expecting any readings, at least it would prove if the stone was in anyway magnetic. ( Remembering that ley lines are suppose to cross right under the stones)

Surprisingly, we found that both rocks contained a small magnetic pulse – measuring 1 mG. We tested the surrounding rocks in the area, none of which registered on the EMF.

The Long Stone has been a part of Island Myth for hundreds of years, and still we are no closer as to finding out what their true purpose is.

If you fancy a bit of trek on a nice summers day, then by all means – go and experience the powers of the stones for yourselves.

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