Ryde Historic Building

Let’s start at the beginning.. We were invited to investigate a very old building that was once formerly a girls school, now used by various local clubs and organizations. Children in particular would report that they felt threatened, cold icy blasts and a shadow peering at them from doorways would certainly be worrying.

Previous investigators have reported a very strong energy upstairs, that really doesn’t like people. We were warned that this particular spirit is capable of making our time here very uncomfortable.

A quick sweep of the downstairs hall – nothing.. we move up the building. The spiritual members in the team are the first to feel it, something is around us – and its starting to gain strength.

Paul, one of our stronger mediums can see a dark shadow amongst us – although he tells us that it is ‘cloaked’. (not wanting to show any details of itself, just a shadow)



Janis and Karin immediately feel that something is not right at the entrance to the passageway leading from the back of the room. It’s quickly established that its some-kind of doorway or ‘Vortex’ – although our equipment could not pinpoint it, all the spiritual members had a hard time walking through it.

Using old school methods, in this case a ‘pendulum’.. we could see for ourselves that that this building had quite a few surprises for us.

In the second of the upstairs halls, the entity made its move – giving Marie, a new team member a very sickly and dizzy feeling. Paul had the honor of it trying to force itself upon him, thankfully he was able to push it back.

John jumped in, and together with Paul managed to contain the spirit in what I believe to be ‘positive energy’ – very slowly between them they worked together to dissipate the energy and give us all a break for a while.

This is first time time I’ve seen this happen, it really is quite something to witness – thankfully we have this on film for you to see. After a quick break, we began the investigation again.. Karin was the next to feel pressure building up in her head. This was quickly dealt with by John, our Reiki Master, a few pressure point exercises later – Karin felt much better.


One final room to investigate, and what felt like the worse. All the team did not want to enter, Jan reports that it feels soo bad she really doesn’t want to go in. Even from where she is standing, she can feel the strong energy from the doorway a good 3 foot back from it.

John, together with Marie enter.. John has been in the team a number of years now, he is without a doubt one of the strongest spiritual team members we have. He managed to stay in the room for only a few short minutes. Although not able to register any unusual activity on the K2 and Mel Meters, it had taken quite a toll on him. He informs us that he’s never felt anything like it before!

It was like being attacked by a powerful energy from all sides – I’ve never felt anything like it in all the years I’ve been investigating!

John being a Martial Arts Instructor and Reiki Master, knows how to deal with energy – but this had really wiped him out. We withdraw to another room, John totally drained and feeling quite angry.

Possible Entity

Possible Entity?

Taken by Suzanne – could this be the Entity?

With the team splitting up and myself and John left alone to change tapes on the camera, it wasn’t long before John had to leave – he was starting to feel ‘uncontrollably angry’. Off he dashed to the nearest exit, leaving myself alone – wondering if I’m about to be sucked into a TV or stuck to a ceiling somewhere. Thankfully NO, it didn’t happen – but it was one of those.. how the hell did I get left up here alone moments!

With John returning, we joined the others back in the main hall downstairs.

This investigation had managed to wipe out 4 out of the 8 team members we had with us. Quite an achievement!

It was at this point that Jan noticed the Martial Art posters on the wall, could it be that this entity was feeding off of the energy from the classes? it did seem to make a lot of sense, and possibly why John an instructor himself, had felt soo uncomfortable.


This location still has a lot of answers to give up, but on this occasion had managed to hide itself from us. With no readings from any of the gadgets and gizmos, its going to be quite a challenge to get our answers. We hope to return to this location again very soon – for round two!

Take a good look at the video, see what you think!?

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