Appuldurcombe House


Appuldurcombe has many secrets to share with us.. as you’ll see later, its quite an achievement to get what we did with it !.

This house has quite a reputation for itself, if you’ve seen the recent episode on Most Haunted – you’ll know what to expect. Karl and Stuart had a bit of creepy time down in the cellars, while Derek was convinced that something evil was being kept at bay under a mosaic on the room in the great hall.

It was quite an active episode, the house had quite a lot to live up to..

This was the second time in the past few months that we’ve tried to investigate the house. The first time the house managed to get the better of us – I heard something close to my ear, and Jan’s camera somehow managed to wipe all of its pictures on the memory card. (sometime between entering, and leaving the cellar)

We started by taking a slow walk around the outside, Jason has just spotted something looking down on him from a small window above the main hall – high up on what would be the second floor.

So what did Jason see ?

I saw a shadow of a person looking down to me. A really cant say what it was – but it was there !

Unfortunately It caught Jason quite by surprise, Jason was transfixed for a few moments – forgetting to let us know what it was he was seeing !.


I took a walk of my own around the pond, it was here last time that I heard something very strange close to my ear. It was a sort of rasping sound, it was as though I had a huge dragonfly about an inch from my ear – it was that loud !.

A walk through the ruins, into the main hall (which is partially restored) – held a few surprises for us.

Jason, who was using my camera at the time reported that it was refusing to work !. It had been working fine since I bought it – the batteries where new.. so why ?.

What’s spooky is that later when we moved out of the room, the camera started up fine again !!!.

The main hall is also home to the mosaic, which if you remember Derek Acorah was not happy about. Janis stood out into the middle of it, and tried her best to pickup any feelings from it.

Happy to report, she could not feel a thing !.


Time to take the journey down to the cellars.

If you saw the TV show you’ll know just what it was we where about to walk into. Both Derek and David wells where not happy, infact – both where pretty sure that some sort of blood letting took place down there. Apparently, the cellars had also been used as a sort of prison.

Add to that the spooky attack to Karl & Stuart, and you’ve got quite a nasty place..


We ventured down into the darkness..

It is a pretty creepy place, there’s no denying it !. The main cellar consists of 2 chambers that stretch right under the foundations of the building above.There’s a few rooms that lead off to the sides, but it’s a small tunnel that leads off from one of the chambers that has our interest. Who could forget the strange voice to Stuarts ‘Hello’, was it just an echo – or perhaps something else !?

We did happen to notice a small hole going up through the cellers into the main building above, this turned out to quite a discovery. It has long been reported that visitors to the cellars feel a cold blasts of air and the sound of distant voices, could this be down to the hole?

Experiment 1 involved recording the temperature around the part of the cellar with the ‘added’ hole, I’m pleased to report that yes, my suspisions were correct – one small hole can cause quite a dramatic drop in temperature in the back of the cellar. Infact you could even feel the odd blast of cold air right across your face. Hmmmm

Experiment 2 meant one of us had to find the room the above the hole, which thankfully we did. Just as we predicted, you could hear the muffled voice of the person in the room above.

Could it be that we just found the cause of some of the paranormal activity reported? Possibly..

Right at the back of the cellar is a small interconnecting room, with large iron bars running across the entrance to it. If anything it sorta looks like a prison cell, but personally I think it was where the high cost goods were stored. Although we couldnt gain access to the cell, Jason pointed out something rather strange to us. Right at the back, on the wall -is what looks like ‘day’ markings carved into the wall surface.

Think of all the prison films you’ve seen where the inmate carves a marker for each day, 4 sticks followed by a line through for the fifth day. This is exactly how it looked to us. But what was it? could it have been used as a holding cell?? guess we will never know.

Unfortunately the light was fast fading, and as we were’nt geared up for a proper night encounter -it was time for us to leave. As for the poltergiest that attacked the MH team.. unfortunately we didnt experience anything like that.

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