Gibraltar Rock

DSCF2894Tour around the Spooky Tunnels of Gibraltar Rock

7.30 in the morning – looking outside, it was cold and gloomy. Great! just what we needed for the day ahead. Today was the day that myself and Jan had arranged for a tour around the secret underground tunnels of Gibraltar. Of course it was going to rain – its on British soil!!

After travelling for a few hours, we caught our first glimpse of the rock in the distance. Sitting right on the southern tip of the Spanish mainland – its a site to behold!

Thankfully a quick pass through customs, and a wave to the bobby’s holding the speed camera – and it was up the rock we go. Getting a car up to the top via the cliff road is quite a feat, especially with the local monkeys attacking the car from all directions!

Eventually we made it to the entrance of the caves, and our guide for the next few hours. Stepping into the mouth of the caves, you can instantly feel the change of atmosphere around you. Our guide explained that there was over 40 miles of tunnels snaking their way through the rock, some of which are still in use by the military for top secret operation training today.

Originally a small network of tunnels connected up the cannon stations dotted around the top of the rock, ready to repell a Spanish attack back in the 17th century. But its the World War 2 extension tunnels we have come to explore today. There have been many sightings of ghostly figures, people being touched and a strange feeling of not being alone, it was our chance to see what we made of it.

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With just about every amenity down here with us, included a power station, full hospital, kitchens, motor pool and accommodation for 10,000 people – I’m not surprised that this location is charged up.

Our guide informed us that the rock was a perfect natural base for not only housing troops – but also for planning operations. General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill where frequent guests to the caves.

I think we must have got about 200 feet into the main chamber, when Janis started to get those tell-tale signs that ‘something’ was close.

She had the feeling we were not alone, she explained that just to the right of me two spirits stood – watching us.

DSCF2975I took a few pictures where Janis pointed, and followed through all the usual tests, but unfortunately we got nothing. Electric cables run just about everywhere, so using a EMF meter was a waste of time.

Janis was sure that they were there to keep an eye on us, although for the moment these ‘residents’ wanted to remain silent, as much as Janis was trying to communicate with them.

We passed through the motor pool, and down through the bunking area. It was hard to imagine that so many people would all be working down here to dig out the tunnels.

Our ‘guests’ – although silent, where still with us. Janis had managed to pickup a bit of information on them. Both of them where indeed connected to the tunnels and WW2, Jan managed to not only get the spirits to reveal their ranks (a corporal, and a private) – also their full names.(Sorry – we cannot release that info)

As we moved further and further underground, you really got that ‘electric’ feel, could it be residual energy? or was it just the dark, dank tunnels closing in on us.

Although Janis tried hard to make contact with the spirits, they just weren’t having it – although she did feel that they were projecting a sort of protection over us. From what I guess we will never know.

Unfortunately for us the lower levels which contained the hospital were off limits for today due to the time we had left to complete our tour.

DSCF2979We made our way to an opening through the other side of the cliff face – high onto a ledge overlooking the runway. Gibraltar airport is the second most dangerous airport in the world!. (It’s to do with the tight turning circle of British airspace around the rock, and the Spanish airspace on the boarder, you might want to remember that!!)

Our guide explained that the entire extended tunnel network was constructed in total secrecy. The rock dug out from the tunnels, would be secretly dumped into Spanish rock quarries – where the Spanish would then use the rock to build the airport!

No one – Spanish or German had any idea that the rock was from Gibraltar, and a fortress was being constructed inside the famous rock. We carried on our tour which weaved its way through the numerous dark tunnels, eventually taking us out to the main exit on the top of the rock.

It was a fascinating tour, one I would recommend to anyone visiting Gibraltar.

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