Vintage Myths

paul_smallPull up a chair.. open a wine.. time to reminisce..

I’ve been running Myths now for nearly 10 years now, there have been so many changes in that time. We’ve become one of the most respected and professional teams on the southcoast of England, regularly working with various tourist and council departments – and gaining access to those often ‘restricted’ locations.


But how did it all start?

Originally it started out as a bit of fun – something to showcase our lovely spooky old Island. At this time the team – a collection of family and friends setout to discover the hidden paranormal secrets. We bought some basic equipment to aid us, such as an infrared camera to record our investigations and a temperature gun.

Jason had the most ‘ghostly’ experience between us, as he’d lived in a haunted cottage all his life. People would often comment that it was nice to see him walking his dogs – only thing wrong with that.. he doesn’t have any!

new_team_small_main_jpeg us

These reports may be a little amateur by our standards today, but we thought we’d leave them on the site to entertain you – and perhaps encourage you to take a look at some of your local history a little more closely!