Spitbank Fort

4Spitbank Fort

Look out into the solent sea from the Island and you cant help but notice Spitbank Fort. One of 2 forts built out at sea to protect Portsmouth from any french invasion. Sunk deep into the seafloor below, this round, concrete and iron fort is one place you wouldnt expect to find a ghost!

If you managed to catch the special 2007 boxing day edition of Most Haunted, you’ll know that although this place only has the one ghostie – its quite an active fellow! Officially completed in 1878, this fort may never have seen any active service – but that didn’t mean that the soldiers stationed there had it easy by any means.

Drill-after-drill ensured that these men where always ready for action. It was during one of these drills that a terrible accident took place. One of the huge 12.5 inch guns backfired, exploding the shell in the breech – killing the gun crew instantly.

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The spirit, known as Henry – is as you can guess – not a very happy soul, and can be quite violent and unpredicatable. Time for us to experience this for ourselves! fortmap2The first problem with the fort is HOW DO YOU GET TO IT ? – not very easily is the answer! A rented boat took us out to it.

Although only a small fort, once you get close up and personal by boat – this thing certainly looks daunting. Thankfully we both made the jump from ship to shore without managing to fall in! Although today the fort is in private hands and is rented out for corporate events – the lower levels have largely remained untouched. Including no lights!, as you can guess this is where our spirit likes to hang out mostly.

You’ll notice from the map of the fort – to the right – its quite mazelike! It’s possible to walk right around the parimeter and not even know it, Very dis-orientating. Keep in mind that downstairs on the bottom floor, there’s only about 2 lights!!!… and a poltergeist!. 3

anyway, back to the story..

Down the stairs into the heart of the fort, it really is another place. Apart from the odd light, we where mainly relying on the light from the IR camcorder and our digi camera. I took some base temperature readings, surprisingly the temperature did not differ between levels – being fixed on 16 degrees.

It wasnt long before Jan had the feeling that ‘something’ was close to us. As you’ll see on the video, she noticed a shadow moving on the wall behind us. AND IT WASNT OURS !!! Off she went, chasing after it.. unfortunately not fast enough, as the shadow disappeared into one of the heavy-shell storerooms.

It wasn’t the end of it though, all through our visit strange sounds could be heard. For some of these I managed to track down the source.. an open door banging (vibrating) – a passing ship engine.. but occasionally these sounds where just NOT NICE!

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Again.. watch the vid, you’ll hear a strange voice. Being way underground and no quick means to get out in a hurry, we tried our best to play it down at the time. This place was quite an experience, one I wont be forgetting in a hurry! By now our time on the fort was nearing an end, our boat had returned to pick us up. Although just a shell of its former glory, this place certainly had a ‘feel’ to it. I can thoughly recommend a visit if you get the chance.

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