Day we met Most Haunted


Most Haunted, you either love it or loathe it !, we love it !!.
Just incase you’ve never seen the show before, its an ‘entertaining’ paranormal show. The Most Haunted team, headed by Yvette Fielding – investigate haunted locations up and down the UK.

Most Haunted LIVE was coming to Portsmouth, this was a chance for us to see for ourselves what happens on our favourite TV show. We all applied for tickets…

It was about the week before the show, that Jason recieved a phone call. It was from Richard Wolfe, LivingTV’s producer/director. He wanted to know if it would it be possible for Jason to be on ‘standby’, to perhaps go out with the MH team – live on TV.. AND – if we would like a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the show !.

(Note to Jason: See Jason, all that dodgy camerawork paid off !)

TheatreIt had been arranged that we checked in to the New Theatre Royal (Portsmouth), sometime in the afternoon on Sat 6th May. And so it was, that on a wet Saturday afternoon – we made the trek over to the old theatre. “Come back at 5.30, ask for Jo”, explained the LivingTV guy – while putting a wristband around each of us. There was no going back now.. we were expected !.

Time to grab some lunch.. Nearest place we could find was a Yates pub – directly opposite the theatre. Well, when needs must !. From our table in the pub we got our first proper look at the Theatre, a very grand building. Infact its got a few ghosts of its own !.

Half way through dinner, Janis tapped me excitedly.. “LOOK !!!”, it was Karl Beattie (Yvette’s Husband & Co Producer of the show) – and some of the other MH guys.

(Including my personal favourite – Ciaran O’Keeffe, Parapsychologist)

The girls wasted no time in jumping all over David Wells – apperently from a womans perspective.. ” David Wells smells lovely ! “, remarked both Lisa and Janis. While Jason inquired with Karl about his ‘burial’ that night – (They were going to bury him in a coffin with a Psychic for a few hours as an experiement..dont ask !) – I enjoyed chatting to Ciaran about his latest book.

Quick plug for Ciaran.. New book – ‘ Ghost Hunters – The Official Guide to Investigating the Paranormal ‘, out now!

jasonandcarlb 3inpub2  girlsanddavid2

These guys really are nice people, they spent the next half an hour meeting and greeting fans, queuing outside the theatre. I couldnt resist taking a look at the TV setup, behind the theatre. The whole show was broadcast from a set of trucks and trailers. Not of course forgetting the all important food wagon, in this case a converted double decker bus !.

Time was catching up with us.. we had a show to go to !

Jo turned out to be the lovely Jo Whitestone, the location manager. We were taken to the theatre bar, Jason was asked to sign a disclosure/insurance agreement – just ‘incase’ he was asked to go out with the team on short notice. Through the window in the double doors behind me, I could see the main MH stage. It looked breathtaking !. I just couldnt resist taking a peek.

paqulandrichard2I slipped through the doors, it was quite a sight – the whole place was empty. It was like I had walked into a dream. Infront of me the whole MH stage was alive.. It’s hard to write about – but it really was an amazing sight. By now the rest of the MGL team had joined me. We where shown to our seats, and told ‘no matter what – dont move seats !’. I guess the cameraman had to know exactly where we were.

Jo explained to us that we were sitting in some very special seats, Infront of us were Karls parents, to the left Ciarans – to the right Jo’s. We were certainly made to feel part of the MH family !. It was then that the lovely historian Lesley Smith made herself known to us. We spent the best part of 10 minutes chatting to her about the spooky history surrounding Portsmouth and the Island – she really knows her stuff !.

Eventually the rest of the audience began to funnel in, time for the show to start – well not exactly.. you see, Most Haunted ‘Acess All Areas’ doesnt begin till 8.00pm – and it was only 7.00. We were to be treated to a Question and Answer session from the MH team. Paul Ross made himself known, realing of a few rude jokes really put us all at ease.

girlsandcieran2It was about now that I noticed the ‘cross’ on the floor by the side of me – what was it for ?, that question was soon to be answered. It was a marker for Julian Clegg, he was to start the show from that very spot. ‘ Oh Great ! ‘, the show had only just started – and already a huge crane camera was buzzing around my head !.

During the show Janis happened to notice a touching moment between Ciaran and his Dad, Ciaran was based onstage this time around with Paul Ross. During the break, Ciaran looked up at his Dad – and mouthed the words ‘Are you all right ?’, to that – Ciarans Dad replied in sign language ‘ To sort your collar out !’.. which he did, before the cameras swung back round for action.

Half way into the show, Janis nudged me – she was being drawn spiritually to the Royal Box. ‘Something’ was up there !, watching the proceedings. During the next advert break we discussed with each other what she had felt, it was then that the guy sat behind us, remarked that he too had strong feelings towards the box. Infact a whole group of people in the seats behind us felt a strange pull towards the area !.

The show went on through the night, although nothing much paranormal took place – seeing the show pan out infront of you was a fascinating experience, one I would recommend to all Most Haunted fans.

studio2  julienstudio


We had a wonderful day, we had finally got to meet the Most Haunted crew – and seen for ourselves just what the show was all about.

Who knows.. perhaps the MH crew will be back to the Island soon for a LIVE event of our own !.

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