Haunted Havenstreet – Investigation Night 2

10606067_10203921170166110_3864060498627670450_nTime for us to strap on the proton-packs once more, as we head back to the very spooky Isle of Wight Steam Railway, for part 2 of our ongoing investigations..

The Surrounding Grounds

The evening began with an investigation of the field and grounds at Havenstreet Steam Railway, With the usual Myths Team onhand – and Derek Bishop from the Management Team accompanying us – we expected the railway to deliver an interesting, and hopefully active evening.

With Janis and John trying to trace out any water flows & pockets under the field with a dowsing pendant – Myself (Paul) and Steve headed for the wooded area. Almost immediately, Steve stopped me.. “Can you feel that?” – nope sorry Steve, that’s why I’m known as the psychic brick!


Steve could feel a flow of energy running along the ground, using his pendant he was able to trace out a section of ground that seemed to be pulsing with energy. Interestingly it was heading off in the direction towards the Train Story museum. Could it be that he has stumbled upon a ley-line!? (faultlines within the earth of natural energy)

Train Story Museum

Time to move on.. Train Story Museum.. although a new building, the artifacts it contained could well be a trigger for some of the more unusual activity that has been reported. Upon entering the main doors into the mockup station, we all remarked on the odd feeling that was now running through us. (even me!) – All the hairs on my arms and legs were standing to attention, it was a though I had just been statically charged!

All the Team included Derek, remarked that we felt quite ‘unwelcome’ – was something trying to force us out from uncovering the truth? As we later learned John, our Reiki Master – was focused on something else, further down the platform he could see what looked like a young girl in spirit form running between the railings! Although the image only lasted a few seconds, it was quite a surprise. Could it have been the young girl Janis had picked up on the last time we investigated the main office areas?


Janis felt drawn to a nearby carriage, with John, Steve and Marie in tow – they made themselves comfortable. Time to try the ‘Ovilus’ – a ghost investigating device that can react to the energy levels around it – and form words. It has to be said that for most of the time it can spit out totally random words.. however if you look deeper into it.. there must be ‘something’ around it to trigger the words in the first place!

(Dimbola Lodge was the exception to the rule.. with a whole batch of connecting words – but then thats a story for another day!)

What slowly formed over the next few minutes with the Ovilus and Jan’s medium skills was a tragic story involving a young woman. (who has been heard and seen on occasion walking the main Havenstreet platform) – It seemed she was ‘attached’ to the carriage – a reply in time. With the energy of the woman starting to fade, we headed out to the platform and further down the line of carriages and rolling stock.

Something had caught Steve’s eye, what looked like a bright white light could be seen at shoulder height, moving rapidly around the same position that John had reported the little girl.

Off he shot to investigate… however not getting as far as he wanted! Looking down to the sharp pain he now sensed, he had a cut forming on the top of his hand – so much so, that blood was starting to seep through it. Whatever it was, I’m told it was quite painful, and felt as though it was more of a burn than a cut. But how did it happen? I had filmed the last 10 minutes of our investigation, at no point had Steve injured himself.

John our Reiki Master administered some ‘Healing’ energy to the area. He felt he could sense that ‘someone’ had hit his hand with a large long stick! It was then that we noticed the heavy goods- wagon next door to us, we entered – feeling drawn to it.

10481659_10152756488610809_8341018250938025999_oAlmost immediately the sensitive members of the Team, felt sick and dizzy. Try as we might we just couldn’t come up with any answers for it. It must be noted that the museum contains a lot of secondhand cases, donated from various sources to give the museum the ambience of a busy station. Could it be these that are creating the odd swirling energy? Perhaps even a spooky visitor or two, checking up on their personal property.

Try as we might we just couldn’t come up with any answers, although the team were picking up on bits here and there of the tangled stories they held – our equipment remained pretty quiet throughout the whole time we used it in the museum. Our next port of call was the shop, however unfortunately no activity was reported. A fleeting visit to the staff house above – resulted in the feeling that ‘something’ liked to walk from the frontdoor, up the stairs – to the window in the staff room. Perhaps this had something to do with the spooky shadow that has been seen peering down at the staff and visitors below.

There’s no doubt about it, Havenstreet is certainly alive with energy – even the engines have a life of their own, these old hissing iron-giants have run through the station for many years, and will undoubtedly do so for years to come. However – keep your wits about you.. for I’m sure not everything is as it first may seem!


But the Myths Team isn’t finished with the Railway just yet, we feel there are plenty more spooky locations left for us to investigate. For the first time ever this Halloween, the Railway will be opening its doors at night! – Our team will be onhand giving guided tours and sharing spooky information on all our findings. (Hopefully we will see you there)

Many thanks to the Steam Railway Staff and Management for their kind cooperation with our investigation.

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