2014 Season Review

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It’s been quite a year! We started early, and don’t seem to have stopped! we’ve been lucky enough to investigate some amazing places this year, our little spooky family has bonded closely and we seem to be getting the results.

In the Summer of 2014 we re-branded into Myths Investigations with a whole new professional ethics and website to go with it, we invested around £1000 in state-of-the-art equipment that should I hope, make investigating even more challenging and rewarding in 2015.


10358861_10152861495550809_2201473131319270902_nWe became the Isle of Wight’s Steam Railway Official Investigation Team.. researching and investigating into the spooky tales and ghostly goings-on that have plagued the railway over the last 80 years. Summer saw the team at the Hellfire Caves, among other locations.. a really busy time for us – infact we took part in over 20 investigations both private and publically.

Halloween saw us involved with the railway again, running Paranormal Tours, Demonstrations and Presentations – we had a great time meeting you all! But it didn’t finish there.. December we came to an agreement with Great British Ghosts that saw us becoming officially sponsored and a monthly column of my own to write – which I’m very proud of!


But what of next year? already we’ve been involved in meetings for projects in 2015 – with our first investigation of the year in early January, a location we’ve not investigated before but promises to be amazing. February will see us running a public investigation for the railway as Myths Investigations – its going to be a really exciting time for everyone involved. (make sure you book your ticket)

But what of the Team? – I asked them to nominate their favourite highlights of the year..




For me its about the feedback from each other during the invo, the knowing that we are getting the same response on what we find, making it a very positive and worthwhile result.




Dimbola seeing the little girl playing in the door way, and running over to see Karin. Also nice and not so pleasant passing her over to her mother which we did at the end of the night, it really took it out of me!



Havenstreet Steam Railway, the night I saw the little girl down the end of the platform, later in the evening both Jan and I were left gifts of a feather each in a carriage.



Jumping aboard the train at Havenstreet in which Queen Victoria was said to have travelled with her Albert. On stepping through the door, I immediately felt uncomfortable and had to vacate that area. It was confirmed that there was angry spirit gentleman inside that disliked the fact that I, a woman, had entered his first class cabin. It was only when the Railway personnel accompanying us stated that he had upgraded our tickets that he calmed down.




Hmm.. hard choice – For me it was watching my wife channelling the energy of a rather angry train driver at Havenstreet, at one stage very nearly being ‘launched’ from an engine cab. However a close second has to be the passing of the little girl at Dimbola, first time the team collectively have had to do it, not nice watching my wife shaking uncontrollably as she’s trying to hold a bad energy back from the girl, but the team did it – they passed her over – a true professional team working together – I even had a few tears at one stage.


August 2014 saw us take on another team member-in-training Roger, with Marie taking the step up to investigator! – This month we’ve finally started to launch the Myths Training Programme, a chance for any would-be team members to train and learn with us. Head over to our Myths Investigations Website for full details.

– Think that’s just about it!.. only one thing left to say..

M9i49o9cEThankyou for supporting us over the last year, we wish you all Health, Luck and Happiness in 2015 – see you next year!

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