Your names not down.. Your not coming in! (if your called Janis)

Calborne ChurchSo there we were, enjoying Calbourne Water Mill – when I decided that I’d like to take a look at another local attraction ‘Winkle Street’, if you’ve seen a picture of it on a postcard – you’ll know what to expect. It’s suppose to the the prettiest and oldest street/lane on the Isle of Wight. The land actually dates back to 826 CE, yeap I’ve no idea what ‘CE’ means either.. but there ya go.

Anyway.. the local church looked a lovely place to visit, open to the public – with its doors wide open. Such a pretty building, even the graveyard had a pleasant look about it. Tall grass with wild flowers mixed throughout, and butterfly’s flitting amongst the gravestones. Janis noticed a very old looking barn in the field next door to the graveyard which she felt drawn to.

‘Ok.. so lets have a look at the barn, then a wonder into the church’, I replied. I noticed she was very hesitant coming into the churchyard through the gates, and sort of scooted around the main building. What are you doing!? – ‘I’m not allowed in the church.. they wont let me!’

Rightttt.. so we carry on through the graveyard, up to the back wall – and take in whats left of the barn. It was indeed a very old building, surprising really that its still standing. Time for the church.. we made our way back through tall grasses and old headstones to the main entrance.  In I went.. but she wasn’t following.. giving up – I went ahead, taking in the lovely colours and solid construction of the old building. Eventually I made my way back out to Janis, who was still stood at the entrance.

calbourne3Whats going on? – ‘ They wont let me..’ – who? – ‘ The people here’ – errrr ok, care to explain!?

Turns out that we have 6 spirits stood infront of her, 2 blocking her path – and another 4 stood between the main doors of the church. Janis being Wiccan had managed to upset the local ghostly residents!

Through her guide, she was relayed the message that ‘ her kind was not welcome! ‘.. they had allowed her access through the graveyard to checkout the old barn, but under no circumstances was she to enter the church. Her guide calmly told her that she should respect their wishes and beliefs, so she did – and we left.

Think I might try that one the next time I’m railroaded into accompanying her into a girlie clothes shop!

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