The Big Sound Experiment




One of the greatest assets to a Paranormal Investigator is our own senses, we can feel, hear and sometimes see things that just don’t make any sense.

Our equipment might well be telling us that there’s nothing there – but our senses could be telling us otherwise.


It’s not much different to a trained psychic, who will rely on their senses and third eye during mediumship. But what about us mere mortals?


Can we get a taste of what they feel in a controlled way? Yes! – I believe you can..

We are going to conduct a sound experiment, don’t worry its safe – and certainly not frightening. What you will hear is a specially pre-recorded audio track that I’m hoping will trick your senses into believing in something that is not there.


For this to work..

It’s best to listen to the recording with headphones on, but if its not possible.. you can still experience it via speakers placed each side of you. You need to be in a quiet environment.. the track may only last a few minutes, but you will need to concentrate.. and lastly..

Blindfolded! – no I kid you not.. this works soo much better if we can block your eyesight, forcing your other senses to be heightened. Failing that.. CLOSE YOUR EYES – but I guarantee your eyes will be flicking open during it!

So, done that? Ready? – slip on those headphones.. relax.. turn up the volume.. press play on the control below.. and enjoy quite an unusual experience! (AND DON’T FORGET THE BLINDFOLD!)

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