Godshill Spooky Walkabout

1265757_10151982321545809_2095966791_oFor some time now we’ve being playing with the idea of doing a public investigation, but in a certain way.. to demonstrate what we do (Investigating) – in a safe and fun way. Sooo.. one dark and soggy night the team set out to the very spooky village of Godshill with a selection of lovely people from our Facebook group page.

Why Godshill? being a very old village – and a hub of witchcraft covens – the whole area can pulse with energy once the sun goes down. It’s a place that Janis feels drawn too and quite at peace.

So, where do we start? in the middle of a field! – Yeap, Jan has us heading out to a field. Why? she’s always been drawn to it, but never really gone to investigate. With us all standing in the middle of this field.. Jan goes into detail about the different equipment we use and how to get the best results from it.

861324_10151982322165809_1613079945_oI think it was at this point, that our ‘guests’, really did wonder what they got themselves into! – I wont even go into detail about the handholding! (We do this at the beginning of an invo to focus our energies and form a protection for those that work with us) – already the team and friends are reporting being tapped or touched.. Shari notices a dark shadow behind Jan.. could it be that already we’ve stumbled onto a dark energy? ohhh this is going to be fun!

Time for us to spread out and see where we end up.. almost immediately Shari, Jan & Karin make a bee-line for the trees at the bottom of the field. Apparently there’s a strong energy hiding away from us. Intermittent spikes start to effect the mel meter, at one stage Neil reports over 4 mg’s.. (the base reading being around 0.4)

Steve and John try a bit of ‘old-school techniques’ by using a pendant, questions start to form answers..  we have the angry spirit of a man that apparently had accidentally killed his daughter! – movement is sensed in the bushes around the group, with Lois darting off into the unknown undergrowth – Brave Lady!

1270616_10151982325195809_202128934_oTime for us to change locations, up the hill to the village church.. once again Jan came to complete stop at the entrance, as always.. the resident spirits did not like ‘a pagan’ on their hallowed ground. After a bit of beg and barter from Joshua (her guide) – Jan was given the ‘all-clear’  to walk the grounds. She could clearly make out 2 spirits stood amongst the gravestones, watching her.. ‘Gate-Keepers’ she says.. who’s function is to keep a watchful eye on the grounds.

It was at this point that myself and Jan began to theorize on the church.. why in a village that was ‘allegedly’ the heart of witchcraft on the Island – would such a large church be built on the top of a hill.

Could it be that the churchfolk did indeed know what was going on in the village, and placed it to act as a visual warning – that they are watching everything!

1264673_10151982326530809_1216580436_oTime to move on.. over to the monument garden -with lights being reported by Carrie and Lois, the rest of the guys focused on the stone monument.

Both Steve and John picked up on a nearby energy, try as we might -we couldn’t get any proof using the equipment. Plan B.. send in Janis!

She did her best to channel, apparently more a residual energy than active. But here was a soldier possibly from WW2 – paying his respects to fallen comrades.

Time to call it a night.. heading back to the cars, we thanked – deep breath – Shari, Louise, Neil, Carrie, Dave, Lois.. and our guys.. Karin, Steve, John, Janis & Paul – although it may only have been a small low-key investigation, it was great fun -and we think.. was enjoyed by all.

Next time.. time to step it up a little!

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