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September Update

10481659_10152756488610809_8341018250938025999_oWhy Hellooo! – is it really the end of September already? .. been quite a ride this summer, we started early in March – and still have a few big locations on the cards.

Summer this year has been quite taxing, as you’ve no doubt seen – we’ve been working in conjunction with the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, in preparation for our Halloween Special at the Railway.

But it doesn’t quite finish there for us, as we will be packing the cases up – and enjoying a winter crossing on the car ferry (ohhh joy) – ready for another mainland investigation location with another well-known team. Myth’s has grown in size too..


Marie our ‘Investigator in Training’ has earned her strips, and we welcome the new teaboy Roger Millward! (milk, 1 sugar please!) – Roger has already impressed us this year with his amazing photography.

Its nice to see ‘Myths Investigations’ has settled in with very nearly 2000 likes from all you guys! – thankyou.

With Halloween fast approaching.. best we get to it.. another update soon.

The story so far..

Myths TeamIt’s been quite a Season already for us, and its far from being over just yet!

We started the year with 2 big locations, one of which resulted with us working with the IW Steam Railway throughout the year on a longterm project (hopefully an announcement soon) – the other, the spooky Hellfire Caves. Then of course we have the local investigations that go on, which aren’t often reported by us.. its all go!

After taking a little break during July to catchup with ourselves – and a rebrand to ‘Myths Investigations’ – followed by a launch of our new Facebook Fan Page – you can see it never stops.

But now.. August – we are back in the field.. well.. ok.. not a field as such.. spooky places! – We’ve got a whole host of new locations ready and waiting for us, including some big investigations that are sure to test us.

Many thanks for the inquiries into the ‘Open Invo’ – unfortunately its now completely filled up.. even though I never got as far as putting the full advert details out! With that in mind – we will be opening our doors again very soon, keep your eyes peeled for info on that soon.

Can witches melt in sunlight? – think Janis is putting that theory to the test at the moment, shouldn’t moan though – its not often we get extended good weather like this, perfect weather for late night walks and testing out the stone-tape theory. (recordings in time) – As for myself – I’m hoping to update the website very soon with some new articles and stories.

I’m trying my hardest to get Myth’s a huge blowout investigation for the end of the season, going to cost a lot of money to hire – but ohhh yeahhh – it will be worth it! .. Right.. time to stop writing.. and start melting again – stay safe everyone! – Paul. 😉

Hellfire Caves

Last weekend saw us take part in a good investigation at the Hellfire Caves, both above ground (Heaven) and below (Hell).  Lovely to work with another professional team, between the two of us we’ve captured some amazing results, and have the footage to show for it – which I hope to get out very soon.

Everyone in the team stepped up to the plate and managed to push the energies of the caves to its very limits. And so we move on.. with a number of investigations already waiting in the wings – this season is turning into our best yet! 


Spookythings.. what makes us tick!

I’ve recently been talking with a editor for a magazine, one of the questions he asked me was about the brand ‘Myths’ and the ‘Spookythings’ website. It took me quite a while to think it through, however I thought you guys might like to see what I wrote…
The Short answer: its a non profit making website – for Myths and anyone else really that has a gift they’d like to promote. We don’t charge, or try to make money from Myths as its something I enjoy doing.
The long answer: (you did ask!)
Spookythings is the main hub for the Myths team, a place for me to put up our video footage and investigation writeups. Around 10 years ago, myself and wife (Janis) decided to start up a paranormal team of our own that not only focused on the ghost investigation side of things – but also to feature local spooky history, in a fun and entertaining way.
We gathered some friends together with the very basic of equipment, namely a torch and IR video camera – and a pocketful of spare pants. And that was that really.. we evolved.. we learned from our mistakes and embraced what we could from the more experienced people we knew. 
We started to make ‘Myths, Ghosts & Legends’ or ‘Myths’ into our own brand. Over the years we’ve collected together a trustworthy and professional team that has experience in just about all areas, reiki, witchcraft, mediumship.. you name it, they are all part of our close unit. I truly believe that these days we are one of the most respected teams on the southcoast.
Although its always been our intention from the very beginning to stay small and focused, to show the truth and always be honest in our work. The video’s that are shot and edited by me – are put together in such a way to try and convey a story, to show that not everything should be taken as paranormal, and that you can be professional but have an enjoyable time doing it.
I like to push Myths into different directions when I can, over the years we’ve certainly been involved in a lot of projects.
Vintage Bus Museum

Halloween Special at the Vintage Bus Museum

Most Haunted

Behind the scenes on location with the Most Haunted crew


In 2009 we produced a DVD featuring a local hotspot, we gave copies to all the charity shops in the area – telling them to charge whatever they wanted for it. It was never my intention to make any money from it – but to give something back to the people and places that supported us. Eventually a copy of the investigation ended up being shown on SKY TV’s Paranormal channel, really strange feeling watching something you put together with an ASDA commercial in it – a surreal moment!

2009 saw an article I wrote published in Jason Karls book ’21 Century Ghosts’, 2010.. Edinburgh Vaults welcomed the Myths Team to come up and investigate, which we did!
2011 was a big year for us, as we hosted the Isle of Wight GhostFest, working with Ian Lawman and Jason Karl for the weekend. 2012 saw us work with a local radio station, streaming an investigation live on the web with a live radio studio show. (sort of our own Most Haunted – with real ghosts!)
This year we are working with a well known island tourist attraction on a project, and I’m slowly developing ‘Myths TV’ a sort of short livefeed web show for this winter – I cant say too much about it, as I’m still working on it.
Over the years I’ve had various articles published in magazines, which has been rewarding and helps to ‘keep the buzz going’ for myself. 
I’ve been very lucky with Myths, I have a good supportive wife and team behind me that give me all the backing I need. We’ve investigated some amazing locations throughout the UK, but I’d like to think we are only just scratching the surface!

Its Madness Out There!

One of the busiest weeks ahead for us for quite sometime.. 2 Investigations – one in West Wycombe.. 2 meetings – one with a board of Directors (hopefully can finally reveal what we’ve been working on!).. all in the space of the next 7 days!

Ohhh… and a certain publisher has 2 of my articles for mainstream publication!

Thankyou to everyone that’s been supporting us in the nominations, we have moved up in rankings from 130 to the top 40’s! .. Quite a feat considering we are battling with other paranormal websites from around the world.


Guys, our website – is up for a nomination, could you please help us just by visiting our site!? Even if only for a minute – it will count towards the final total ranking… 

Share the link, help an Isle of Wight website to get the recognition it deserves, and greatly help us out, thank you! 🙂

When Ghosts Attack!


Been an interesting weekend, just the usual.. mow the lawn, take a long walk with the family.. oh.. and get attacked by a spirit!

Yeap, we had a nastie that was hell bent on taking us down one at a time, and very nearly did. This ghostie – a very strong energy liked to use the energies contained in the building to gain strength and terrorize anyone that dared to stay, including.. children!

A little investigation was called for, a battle of wills – a few punches by him to some of the team, and a few directed back at him by our spiritual members – I think resulted in a 1-1 draw!

Full investigation write up to follow soon.. including some amazing film footage, of what happens when two experienced energy workers (from the team) – fight back, and actually manage to contain it to one space. 

Daylight is upon us!

Have you heard of a computer game that goes by the name of Daylight? no? – read on!

Computer games can be a great thing, they don’t have to suck the life out of you.. they can challenge your mind – and sometimes even scare the living &^%* out of you!

This is one of the those games, although its been out on PS and Xbox for quite a while, it has yet to hit PC – in about 2 hours to be exact. But what is it? wellll.. just imagine this..

You’ve found yourself inside a HUGE abandoned hospital, you’ve no idea where you currently are or how your going to get out. The only light you have is from your mobile phone, you fish it out.. turn on the light app we all have – now to find your way out! thing is.. its haunted!

This game has been crafted to affect the senses at every opportunity, small subtle sound effects and clever shadow programming make this your own personal horror film.

They say you need to sit in the dark while playing this, with headphones on – and this weekend I plan to do just that! – I’ll let you know how I get on.. 


For anyone wanting a slice of this nightmare, you can find it on the PC STEAM gaming platform for £11.99..
Let the fun begin!



My Spooky House – 1st October 2013


Living in an old house, you end up being part of its history – since uncovering the fireplace in the living room, we took the bold step of leaving the old Victorian soot and scorch-marks around the opening..

Even the plastered walls sometimes come alive,  containing a huge amount of lime and other bits and pieces from the time period – (depending on the atmosphere,) can actually effect the condition of the walls. Cold and solid one day, moist and soft the next, its just something you learn to live with.

It’s not surprising to know that most old houses have some sort of ghostly resident attached to them, pot luck if you find one that is fine about you ‘sharing’ the house with them. Our own house is no different – there is a certain feeling to it, nothing to be afraid of.. but I do think its got quite a story to tell.

From the ‘shadowman’ I’ve seen twice now downstairs – quite a well built gentleman, with large shoulders – possibily  wearing a suit, to the unexplainable ‘ball’ of energy I’ve witnessed in the bathroom. Forget your orb’s people! I’ve seen the real deal.. huge like a beachball, with a orange pulsing moving surface –it completely lit up the kitchen and then the small hall as it came towards me. Frightened no.. strange VERY!

I believe I’m quite ‘charmed’ when it comes to the ghosties –I’ve always had a connection with spiritual people throughout my life, even as a young child. But that’s not to say I knew who or what these people were about. I think I have some spiritual protectors that pay me a visit from time-to-time, I’m also married to a very gifted spiritual woman.

But getting back to the story… It’s Tuesday night around 3am, I’ve woken to the sound of ‘something’ coming from the house. Listening carefully, I’m trying to work out if its ‘someone’ possibly walking about and moving things – (in which case I need to find the ‘welcoming stick’  under my bed) – or does it sound like one of the kids? Or even the cat.

Strange noise, something’s softly clanking.. doesn’t sound like its moving around – Hmmm.. no cat at the end of the bed – possible! Could it be my teenage daughter once again talking to friends on the internet? Or has she left something on? – wouldn’t be the first time. Wind’s getting up.. perhaps something outside is tapping against the wall somewhere. (hanging basket, tv aerial cable etc)


Better ‘man up’ – find out..  Don’t think its Chloe, but will sneak out just to catch her out.. Opening the bedroom door, I notice a small white flash from the ceiling area above the stairs.. ‘ohh lightening!’ – I surmise.. waiting for a rumble. Second or so later.. it does it again, I peak back into the bedroom.. nope, no sign of a storm.. or for that matter the rumble of thunder,  so its not a reflection through the curtains from outside – nor is it a car from the driveway opposite.

So I’m stood there in the hallway.. trying to work ot where the sound is coming from – just couldn’t work it out, for a minute it sounds like its coming from the roof – not in the loft.. but the ceiling above me. Weird!

I noticed the little ‘springy man’ on the bookcase behind me, its moving –but it’s only doing that because I’m standing on the carpet which its sat ontop of, doesn’t take much to get it moving. Although once it starts to move – it carry’s on going till the motion of the spring is spent, the noise was quite similar to what I was hearing. (although it didn’t bounce about) – think of one of those nodding-dogs you put on dashboards, similar to that.

I checked on Chloe, nope –fast asleep (GOOD JOB CHLOE!) – checked the boy, then the rest of the house. Everything in place.. cat sleeping on my chair AGAIN!. Couldn’t find any answers.. the noise had stopped, so I got back into bed – didn’t hear anything more after that.

Now I’m not saying I’m totally convinced it was a ghostie, I was half asleep at the time.. and maybe just maybe the flash had been my eyes focussing. All –in–all.. Weird.. very weird!

Godshill Spooky Walkabout

1265757_10151982321545809_2095966791_oFor some time now we’ve being playing with the idea of doing a public investigation, but in a certain way.. to demonstrate what we do (Investigating) – in a safe and fun way. Sooo.. one dark and soggy night the team set out to the very spooky village of Godshill with a selection of lovely people from our Facebook group page.

Why Godshill? being a very old village – and a hub of witchcraft covens – the whole area can pulse with energy once the sun goes down. It’s a place that Janis feels drawn too and quite at peace.

So, where do we start? in the middle of a field! – Yeap, Jan has us heading out to a field. Why? she’s always been drawn to it, but never really gone to investigate. With us all standing in the middle of this field.. Jan goes into detail about the different equipment we use and how to get the best results from it.

861324_10151982322165809_1613079945_oI think it was at this point, that our ‘guests’, really did wonder what they got themselves into! – I wont even go into detail about the handholding! (We do this at the beginning of an invo to focus our energies and form a protection for those that work with us) – already the team and friends are reporting being tapped or touched.. Shari notices a dark shadow behind Jan.. could it be that already we’ve stumbled onto a dark energy? ohhh this is going to be fun!

Time for us to spread out and see where we end up.. almost immediately Shari, Jan & Karin make a bee-line for the trees at the bottom of the field. Apparently there’s a strong energy hiding away from us. Intermittent spikes start to effect the mel meter, at one stage Neil reports over 4 mg’s.. (the base reading being around 0.4)

Steve and John try a bit of ‘old-school techniques’ by using a pendant, questions start to form answers..  we have the angry spirit of a man that apparently had accidentally killed his daughter! – movement is sensed in the bushes around the group, with Lois darting off into the unknown undergrowth – Brave Lady!

1270616_10151982325195809_202128934_oTime for us to change locations, up the hill to the village church.. once again Jan came to complete stop at the entrance, as always.. the resident spirits did not like ‘a pagan’ on their hallowed ground. After a bit of beg and barter from Joshua (her guide) – Jan was given the ‘all-clear’  to walk the grounds. She could clearly make out 2 spirits stood amongst the gravestones, watching her.. ‘Gate-Keepers’ she says.. who’s function is to keep a watchful eye on the grounds.

It was at this point that myself and Jan began to theorize on the church.. why in a village that was ‘allegedly’ the heart of witchcraft on the Island – would such a large church be built on the top of a hill.

Could it be that the churchfolk did indeed know what was going on in the village, and placed it to act as a visual warning – that they are watching everything!

1264673_10151982326530809_1216580436_oTime to move on.. over to the monument garden -with lights being reported by Carrie and Lois, the rest of the guys focused on the stone monument.

Both Steve and John picked up on a nearby energy, try as we might -we couldn’t get any proof using the equipment. Plan B.. send in Janis!

She did her best to channel, apparently more a residual energy than active. But here was a soldier possibly from WW2 – paying his respects to fallen comrades.

Time to call it a night.. heading back to the cars, we thanked – deep breath – Shari, Louise, Neil, Carrie, Dave, Lois.. and our guys.. Karin, Steve, John, Janis & Paul – although it may only have been a small low-key investigation, it was great fun -and we think.. was enjoyed by all.

Next time.. time to step it up a little!